Yoko Ono: il nuovo album


Due anni dopo ‘Yes, I’m a Witch Too’ Yoko Ono annuncia il nuovo lavoro ‘Warzone’: “reimagines 13 of her songs, chosen from 20 albums released over the course of 50 years”. La magnifica artista 85enne “every Tuesday leading up to the LP’s October release date will share a new song”. Si parte con la title track per un album che sarà fuori il 19 ottobre via Chimera Music (label del figlio Sean). Tre mesi dopo ecco una versione rivisitata di ‘Imagine’ a celebrare il 78esimo compleanno del compianto John. “Imagine was the only one I was totally nervous about, because everyone in the world knows about it and I could be criticised, but I thought it was very important to do it and my nervousness must be secondary. John and I created a lot together and he would be very happy that I did it”.

Side 1
01 “Warzone
02 “Hell In Paradise”
03 “Now Or Never”
04 “Where Do We Go From Here”
05 “Woman Power”
06 “It’s Gonna Rain”

Side 2
07 “Why”
08 “Children Power”
09 “I Love All of Me”
10 “Teddy Bear”
11 “I’m Alive”
12 “I Love You Earth”
13 “Imagine”