Wayne Static – RIP


Scompare a 48 anni Wayne Richard Wells aka Wayne Static, fondatore degli Static-X, band che forma nel 1994 assieme a Ken Jay sulle ceneri dei Deep Blue Dream. Wayne era nato nel Michigan nel 1965 e il 4 novembre avrebbe compiuto 49 anni. Non ci sono ancora notizie certe sulla morte ma alcune voci parlano di overdose. Sei album per gli Static-X (l’ultimo nel 2009) e scioglimento ufficiale l’anno seguente prima di una breve rivampa nel 2012 durata pochissimo. Nel 2011 Wayne Static aveva pubblicato il suo primo album solista ‘Pighammer’ che avrebbe bissato nel 2015. Nutriti già gli omaggi che sono arrivati dai colleghi del musicista americano, tra questi David Draiman dei Disturbed (“GOODBYE OLD FRIEND; Static X Frontman Wayne Static Dead At 48”) e Jacoby Shaddix dei Papa Roach (RIP WAYNE…. THIS IS SO SAD. TOO MANY MUSICIANS ARE DYING FROM OVERDOSES. IM SERIOUS ADDICTION IS REAL AND TAKES FOOLS OUT. NO ONE IS INVINCIBLE. SO GLAD I LIVE A SOBER LIFE TODAY. THE NUMBER OF FRIENDS THAT I HAVE LOST TO ADDICTION IS CRAZY. IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITN ADDICTION GET SOME HELP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. I KNOW”).


Today is a sad day in the music industry — frontman and founding member Wayne Static of Static-X passed away quietly in his sleep at his home last night. The couple [Wayne Static and Tera Wray] was getting ready to leave for a fall/winter tour this morning. They were to have left the night before on Halloween, but decided they would head out early in the morning November 1. The couple, known for partying heavy, had left hard drugs in 2009 and had not touched them since. Static’s first solo album — Pighammer — was a tribute to his new non-drug life and hoped it would help others to get clean from hard chemical drugs. More official information about his passing will be released in the following days. This is not a drug related incident or an O.D. Please be courteous to his family and wife and leave positive messages.