Vive La Void (Sanae Yamada): il disco


Finalmente libera dal Moon DuoSanae Yamada lancia ufficialmente il suo progetto solista Vive La Void anticipando il tutto con il singolo ‘Red Rider‘. Il disco omonimo esce il 4 maggio via Sacred Bones. L’artista sul primo brano: “The lyrics were a way of reckoning with my own memories and also of trying to process my reactions to the human situation. I wanted the voice to have a kind of ghostly quality, to emerge from and recede back into the song, or to pass over it like weather. It’s one of many layers of sound, which are meant to blend together in such a way that on one listen you might hear one thing, and on another listen you might hear something else, so the music seems to change even as it stays the same”.

UPDATE – Ecco ‘Death Money‘.