Up & Down #487. E che nessuno si offenda.


Non teme la pesantezza la rubrica (non) più giovane di Nerds Attack! Un diario di appunti del meglio (circolettato di rosso) ma soprattutto del peggio (circolettato di marrone) che il mondo dell’intrattenimento riesce a regalarci con estrema scioltezza quotidiana. Up & Down. E che nessuno si offenda vi augura buon divertimento.


* Chris Martin has announced that Coldplay will stop making music after 2025: ‘Maybe we’ll do some collaborative things but the Coldplay catalogue as it were finishes then'”. Ancora presto per mettere i Coldplay in “rosso” ma attendiamo con fiducia gli sviluppi di questo virgolettato.

* Damiano dei Måneskin in pole position per a interpretare Paul Newman al cinema”. Ma si, perchè no? A sto punto è bono tutto.


+ Toby Slater (Catch).

+ Paul Mitchell (The Floaters).

+ Sayaka Kanda.

+ J.D. Crowe.

+ Robin Le Mesurier (Rod Stewart, Johnny Hallyday…).

+ Janice Long.

+ Billy Conway (Treat Her Right, Morphine).

“We are devastated to learn that our brother, Morphine drummer Billy Conway, has passed, finally succumbing to cancer after a long fight. Our deepest condolences go to his family and friends”.

+ Marco Mathieu (Negazione).

+ Oghene Kologbo (Fela Kuti).

* L’annuale show di Natale nel loro tea shop Madame Zuzu è anche l’occasione per Chloe Mendel e Billy Corgan per ricordare il padre del musicista americano (William Corgan Sr.) scomparso recentemente. Dunque un tributo sentito in compagnia anche dei figli, i cui proventi andranno al PAWS Chicago (“a no-kill animal shelter”).

* Buone nuove da casa Shane MacGowan. Il mitico Pogues annuncia l’uscita del suo primo “art book”. “Inspired by French impressionists and avant-garde poetry of W.B. Yeats, the drawings illustrate the creative process of writing music. Apart from sketches and self-portraits, the limited edition book contains handwritten lyrics, stories, photographs and other memorabilia, dating back to Shane’s childhood as well as the rebellious punk period”. The Eternal Buzz and The Crock of Gold” è disponibile sul sito ufficiale dell’artista.

* Il messaggio (raro) di Natale a firma Kate Bush:

With nearly two years of Covid, are any of us the same people we were before?  It’s left everyone confused and uncertain of the future. It’s been a terrible time of loss for so many. I want to say a big thank you to all the people on the front line and in the NHS. I have such huge respect for all the nurses and doctors who’ve already been working flat out for nearly two years. These caring people are showing such extraordinary acts of kindness to others. Let’s hope they get the pay rises they rightly deserve. I’d like to mention something that happened a few weeks ago on a walk;  stopping to look at the view, I noticed something moving in a tree right beside me. It was a Goldcrest – the smallest bird in Europe, even smaller than a wren. I stood still, hoping not to frighten it away.  Its colouring is beautiful – a peacock’s eye on each wing and a striking yellow streak on its tiny head. This gorgeous little ball of fluff flew away after ten minutes or so. I’ve only ever seen one once before and very briefly. It made my day. Please stay safe. Wishing you a restful Christmas and hoping 2022 is a happier year for everyone. With love, Kate.

* Dopo 35 anni la maglietta “Dawn of the Dead” appartenuta a Cliff Burton torna alla famiglia. La riunione è stata possibile grazie a Mike Bordin dei Faith No More (compagno del compianto Burton nella band EZ-Street, in cui militavano prima della sua entrata nei Metallica). La famiglia scrive su IG: “A huge Thank You to Mike “Puffy” Bordin for bringing Cliff’s original Dawn of the Dead shirt back home where it belongs It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and we appreciate Mike and the person who kept it safe for us for 30 plus years. Our only regret is Ray isn’t here to see it”.

* Un po’ di auguri natalizi raccolti via social…


Karen O

Jennifer Lopez acqua e sapone…

* The Chemical Brothers


* Spoon

* Joni Mitchell!

* La Cyrus family…

* David Yow e famiglia…

* Kim e Coco Gordon

* La copertina è però dedicata a mani basse a Annie Lennox!!!