Up & Down #443. E che nessuno si offenda.


Non teme i derby la rubrica (non) più giovane di Nerds Attack! Un diario di appunti del meglio (circolettato di rosso) ma soprattutto del peggio (circolettato di marrone) che il mondo dell’intrattenimento riesce a regalarci con estrema scioltezza quotidiana. Up & Down. E che nessuno si offenda vi augura buon divertimento.


* A 10 anni dal debutto si sciolgono finalmente gli Yuck. Una delle band più inutili mai apparse nell’ultimo decennio. Eppure c’è chi li rimpiange. Sintomo e specchio di un’epoca musicalmente e culturalmente vuota, vacua, piena di ignoranza semi-giovanile.

* Se siete amanti feticisti delle action figure a carattere musicale potete puntare sicuri sulla novità che riguarda gli Slayer. Per 54 dollari ecco a voi la confezione da 3 “Live Undead“. La bruttezza vera.


+ Ari Gold.

+ Françoise Cactus (Stereo Total).

+ Prince Markie Dee (The Fat Boys).

+ U-Roy.

+ Miles Seaton (Akron/Family).

“Damn, Miles. You were such a comet. You crash landed in my life and changed everything. First time I heard your music it changed it all for me. I didnt know you at the time but it changed me. Then we became friends and our friendship changed me. You opened all the doors. You were a handful but you were also the deepest homie in the crew. There was no limit to circumstance in which you would show up for me. You had the tightest bullshit meter and told the truth even when it wasnt comfortable. I still carry around and pass along so many of your words all the time. This is a hard one to process but im just so grateful I had you as a friend and as teacher. I love you forever brother” (Brad Cook).

* La storia di Christopher Wallace, AKA The Notorious B.I.G., viene finalmente raccontata attraverso il docufilm “Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell” disponibile dal 1 marzo via Netflix. Il progetto è nato per volere della madre Voletta Wallace e del manager dell’artista Wayne Barrow. La produzione è della stessa Voletta e di Sean “Diddy” Combs.

* Magnifico e sempre stiloso Paul Weller che lancia la sua nuova linea d’abbigliamento per Sunspel.

* Josh Homme ricorda con un toccante post via social il ritorno degli EODM a Parigi dopo il tragico attentato del Bataclan.

“Today is an anniversary for Eagles of Death Metal & all of our beautiful fans. Today, marks the date where EODM returned to the lovely city of Paris. We returned to finish our set, cut short at the Bataclan & to be part of all that was lost, all we had in the moment & all which is yet to be. That night, this anniversary night, was one of emotional extremes. I am thankful for every gift of experience (in pleasure & pain) music, the people I’ve been fortunate enough to play with & the fans have given me. the fucking fans… The best fans in the world. What distant paths my life has wandered down because of the fans?? what once in a lifetime moments I have shared with the fans? What agony, what beauty, what charity, what loneliness, what brutality, what love, what appreciation, what wildness, what lessons, what brown nosing stupidity, what empathy, what inspiration, what respect, what boundless positivity, what reasons to rise up… from the bottom of the pieces of my heart, the last 20 plus years have been a pleasure. I thank you. Respect, Joshua”.

* Il bellissimo ricordo del Vidia Club.

* Nel giorno del 54esimo compleanno di Kurt Cobain i social si sono saturati di ricordi e auguri postumi. Tra le celebrazioni più sentite merita la copertina quella di Thurston Moore.

“Kurt would’ve been 54 years old today. He was just 27 when he died. This foto pops up all the time and I just ripped it from some feed – it’s from the film of our friend David Markey @davidjmarkey – it says so much to me in regards to spirit energy love——- Kurt was one of the gang in the excellent world of punk rock – smart, conflicted, subterranean, pro-choice, pro-feminist, queer and straight, searching, growing, funny, sad, acerbic, in love with records fanzines and romance itself, van tours to communities of open hearts, minds and the joy of noise and the pleasure of shared poverty where glory was a great gig. It was all there in Kurt and Kris’ faces when they dropped into Maxwells in Hoboken their first jaunt to our east coast world – in Chad’s face and eyes as well. A moment that in the moment I realized was eternal. Kurt was everything music and art could express; sometimes human beauty in soul and chaos – the nature of foreverness beyond the construct of physical existence – we are with good fortune to cross paths with the awkward grace of what is divine beauty. Who knows how Kurt would have become – it matters not – he became and remains our excellent punk rock friend, all color, all life, timeless”.