Up & Down #440. E che nessuno si offenda.


Non teme i riti voodoo la rubrica (non) più giovane di Nerds Attack! Un diario di appunti del meglio (circolettato di rosso) ma soprattutto del peggio (circolettato di marrone) che il mondo dell’intrattenimento riesce a regalarci con estrema scioltezza quotidiana. Up & Down. E che nessuno si offenda vi augura buon divertimento.


* “Gary Barlow: «Possibile una reunion completa della band dei Take That»”. Quando i soldi finiscono per tutti.


+ Tom Stevens (The Long Ryders).

+ Hilton Valentine (The Animals).

+ Double K (People Under The Stairs).

+ Sophie.


* I 65 anni di John Lydon.

* Un altro murales a celebrare un artista scomparso. Un’altra opera d’arte che questa volta tributa MF Doom scomparso lo scorso ottobre. Avviene a Toronto: “Visual artist Moises Frank has, with the help of fellow interdisciplinary artist Javid Jah, painted a sprawling mural at a Spadina Avenue graffiti supply store, the Toronto Collective.

* Grande gesto di Mike D (Beastie Boys) che mette in vendita per beneficenza alcuni dei suoi gloriosi premi. “What’s up? This feels a bit weird to post, but at the same time it would feel wrong not giving y’all a heads up. I was never comfortable holding onto or looking at these awards/accolades that we got through the years. Don’t get me wrong – I’m appreciative of them, it’s just not something I need to look at. Anyway, I would give them to my mom whenever they came in and she was really happy to have them. Sadly, she died this last year. She was an amazing woman, but that’s a whole other story. Sooooo we are selling some of the stuff that she had (link in bio). I know the shit is pricey and maybe you have none or very little interest. And that’s fine. But all the $ goes to @goodeatsorg – an awesome charity getting food to kids in need in NYC and beyond. Thanks, MD”. Ecco il link.

* A 84 anni il leggendario Kris Kristofferson annuncia il ritiro. “The legendary songwriter and actor officially retired in 2020, leaving his son John Kristofferson to lead the family’s businesses”. Standing ovation perpetua.

* Mike Myers e Dana Carvey, le stelle dell’indimenticata scemenza “Wayne’s World” (1992), è già protagonisti sul finire degli anni ’80 al SNL, sono tornati in video per uno spot (Uber Eats) destinato all’imminente Super Bowl.