Up & Down #366. E che nessuno si offenda.


Non teme il tiki taka la rubrica (non) più giovane di Nerds Attack! Un diario di appunti del meglio (circolettato di rosso) ma soprattutto del peggio (circolettato di marrone) che il mondo dell’intrattenimento riesce a regalarci con estrema scioltezza quotidiana. Up & Down. E che nessuno si offenda vi augura buon divertimento.


* Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins: I Think We’ll Have a New Record By Next Year”. Notizie che non vorresti mai leggere mentre mangi con garbo una fresca insalatina con feta rigorosamente greca.

* I Prodigy (!) tornano in studio per la prima volta dopo la morte di Keith Flint: “Back in the studio making noise… brand new Prodigy tunes are gonna roll, boooom”. Ma basta!

* Ma ancora con Giorgio Canali? Ma che davvero?

* Un video del 2012, girato ad Adelaide, nel quale si vede Ninja dei Die Antwoord commettere quello che viene chiamato un “hate crime” nei confronti di Andy Butler degli Hercules and Love Affair. Discriminato e aggredito perchè gay. La band è già stata bannata da un paio di festival in cui erano in cartellone. Ninja si difende così:

“Ninja speaking. In relation to the“hate crime” video in Adeliaide filmed by our ex-cameraman Ben Crossman: Ben has cleverly edited this video clip to make it seem like me and ¥o-landi commited a hate crime towards a person because they are gay. However Ben beat up the guy from Hercules himself while filming this same video clip. This was just a fight with someone who fucked with us. Not a hate crime. This fight had nothing to with the fact that this guy was gay. We dont care about people’s sexual preference. Our DJ and best friend DJ HITEK is gay, and alot of people in our crew are gay. But if a person (no matter what their sexual preference it) keeps harrassing us over and over, then physically harrasses ¥o-landi, there will obviously be repercussion. Ben Crossman has been on a rampage to make us look bad in the media because we fired him years ago, for being mentally unstable, and malicious towards our family. Here is what happened during our Australian tour that lead up to the incident in Adelaide: While Die Antwoord were on tour in Australia (8 years ago) during the Big Day Out festival, ¥o-landi and I were having breakfast at a hotel when some guy we did not know pulled up a chair at our table and said: “I need to speak with you guys.” I told the guy, “We are having some private time.” To which this guy replied: “Oh you are always having private time, aren’t you” then he walked off. A minute later, the guy walked past us again and said to us : “You need to get slapped through the face with my dick,”and he walked off again, and sat down at a table nearby with a friend. We asked around later if anyone knew who this person was, and we found out that he was a singer from some band called Hercules. We were on tour with all the bands from Big Day Out for 7 shows, and everywhere we went, this guy kept stalking us and passing fucked up comments at us over and over. At the end of the tour, during our final festival in Adelaide, the guy from Hercules followed ¥o-landi into the girls bathroom and wouldn’t let her out, and she had to physically push past him to get out of the bathroom. She then ran to me and (our camera man) Ben and told us what just happened. This is why we all got up and ran after this guy (which Ben has not included in his edit). As I ran up to the guy from Hercules, he threw a drink at me and punched me so I hit him back, and he ran off. Ben (our camera man) then chased the guy and got into a scuff with him. During this scuff Ben punched the guy from Hercules in the face. The guy then ran away screaming for security to arrest us. In the heat of the moment I quickly told ¥o-landi to be as dramatic as possible about what happened so that we wouldn’t be detained for this guys bullshit story he was busy spinning to security. The festival asked us if we wanted to press charges against the guy and we said no, as the incident was now over. At the end of the day we are kind people with good hearts who make surreal art and hardcore rap music. We dont look for trouble, and we believe in love, respect and equality. But if you fuck with us, we gonna pull up. ✌🏽Increase Da Peace ✌🏽

* Fantastico IlMessaggero.it che spara il titolo sul ritorno di Neil Young: “Neil Young, esce il nuovo album Rainbow Of Colors. Ma manco per il cazzo, quello è il titolo del singolo, il disco si chiama ‘Colorado’ come poi è correttamente riportato nel trafiletto in questione: “Si chiamerà Colorado e uscirà in ottobre”.

* Se non ci fosse Vice.com bisognerebbe inventarlo. Lo pseudo gonzo-bonzo-oronzo giornalismo radical-dissacratorio ha fatto il suo tempo (fortunatamente) ma il livello rimane sempre molto basso. Altro caso emblematico arriva dalla recensione del film “Charlie Says” di Benedetta Pini. Articolo stracolmo di inesattezze, sfondoni, banalità. L’invito è a leggerlo attentamente ma noi evidenziamo in color marrone melmoso quanto segue. “Secondo la sua visione, il testo parlava di una guerra imminente tra neri e bianchi che avrebbe scatenato un’apocalisse, sfociando nello sterminio della razza bianca e nel trionfo della razza nera, che avrebbe a quel punto eletto Manson come guida”. Scritto così sembra che sarebbe stata la razza nera a eleggere Manson. Poi siamo nel 1969 ma “Erano loro gli strascichi della Summer of Love del 1975 a San Francisco, dove migliaia di giovani si erano radunati in cerca di pace…” e ancora “… vivendo di furti, spaccio e aiuti esterni, come i soldi che Dennis Wilson dei Beastie Boys prestava a Manson…”. Grazie Benedè.


+ Tim Walsh (Northside).

+ Larry “The Mole” Taylor (Canned Heat).

* Gli 80 anni di Ginger Baker. I 70 di Gene Simmons. I 65 di Elvis Costello.

* La NASA dedica una “pietra” su Marte ai Rolling Stones. “The team behind NASA’s InSight lander has informally named a rock on Mars Rolling Stones Rock after the band. A little larger than a golf ball, the rock appeared to have rolled about 3 feet (1 meter) on Nov. 26, 2018, propelled by InSight’s retrorockets as the spacecraft touched down to study the Red Planet’s deep interior. In images taken by InSight the next day, several divots in the orange-red soil can be seen trailing Rolling Stones Rock. It’s the farthest NASA has seen a rock roll while landing a spacecraft on another planet”.

* Dopo l’attacco di cuore che lo ha colpito lo scorso 13 agosto a New York, Peter Murphy scrive questo messaggio che rincuora i fan: “Following my recent episode in New York City with my heart attack and being admitted into Lenox Hill Hospital and seeing myself go through the rigors of intensive care, I am very happy to say that I have made a full recovery. Thanks to the superb team of doctors, specialists, nurses and care staff. I am so glad to say I am up and running again. My tour manager Brian Lowe and my assistant Chantal Thomas were directly instrumental in saving my life and to whom I cannot thank enough. I also want to thank every single friend and fan who has been supporting me throughout this ordeal. I remain grateful especially to my Bauhaus band mates. xxx Peter”.

* Layne Staley il 22 agosto avrebbe compiuto 52 anni. E proprio il 22 agosto è stato proclamato dal sindaco di Seattle – Jenny Durkan – come il “Layne Staley Day”. “Layne Staley, the lead singer of Alice in Chains, was an influential and incredible musician born in Kirkland, Washington, on August 22, 1967; and Layne’s voice was legendary, and other musicians are heavily influenced by his instantly recognizable vocal style; and Layne tragically passed away after a long battle with substance use disorder, propelling his fans, friends, and family to advocate for addiction recovery and treatment”.

* Stessa sorte per i Whitney che dal sindaco di Chicago – Lori Lightfoot – si sono visti onorare del “Whitney Day” da celebrarsi il 30 agosto. “On August 30, 2019 Whitney will release their much anticipated second album, Forever Turned Around, which focuses on themes of relationships, loneliness, and the bonds and love between friends, and will celebrate the release with events around Chicago: NOW, THEREFORE, I, LORI E. LIGHTFOOT, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO, do hereby proclaim August 30, 2019 to be WHITNEY DAY IN CHICAGO in recognition of this hometown band and urge all residents to support and enjoy the extraordinary talents of Whitney”.

* Thom Yorke affezionato all’Italia e a Roma. Venerdì lo ritroviamo infatti alla Feltrinelli di Piazza Colonna intento a comprarsi una Nintendo. Finalmente un rosso deciso.

* Come si fa a non mettere in copertina Rod Stewart. La figlia Kimberley compie 40 anni e ai festeggiamenti eccolo insieme alla moglie Penny Lancaster e a tre ex: Rachel Hunter, Kelly Emberg e la mamma della festeggiata Alana Stewart.