Ty Segall: il nuovo album


Ad un anno da ‘Harmonizer’ e dopo la recente soundtrack del documentario “Whirlybird”, il pure troppo prolifico Ty Segall annuncia il nuovo album ‘Hello, Hi’ che sarà fuori il 22 luglio via Drag City. Il primo singolo è propio la title track. “Hello, Hi  is expansively rendered by Ty, mostly by himself, at home. The isolation suits the songs: you’re only ever as ‘at home’ as you are with yourself in the mirror. Ty’s acoustic and electric guitars and vocal harmonies layer self upon self, forming a spiny backbone for the album. Textures at once gentle and dissonant root the songs as they make their move: melodic arcs convulsing in doubt and bliss and rage. Released from the endless gridlock into open space, these spirits pass on through”.