Turbonegro: il nuovo album


A novembre scorso è stato lanciato dal singolo ‘Part III: RockNRoll Machine‘ il nuovo album del sestetto norvegese dei Turbonegro ‘Rocknroll Machine’ a sei anni dall’ultimo capitolo ‘Sexual Harassment’. A seguire ‘Hurry Up & Die’.

February 2018, twenty years after Apocalypse Dudes, on the same release date, we are happy to deliver our fans a brand new Turbonegro album – our first since a record from 2012 that we can’t really say the title of right now. It’s a batch of songs coming from the joy of being a rock machine of six brothers and sisters, with the greatest fans, and our life long dedication to rock’n’roll music as an art form. First song being shared is the title track “RockNRoll Machine” – a song perfectly hitting the fine line between clever and stupid, without ever turning lukewarm. Many great things have been said of Malcolm Young over the last days, and this song could be considered a coincidental tribute from us. Everyone has been intrigued and frightened by all the talk about A.I. and robotification of society lately, so we wanted to bring that tech-talk into boogie rock territory and stop thinking so much about tomorrow. The Rock and Roll Machine has all the traits you’ll find a in a classic rocker: He keeps going all night, telling Tchaikovsky the news, but is still quite cheap and affordable, and, unfortunately a bit unpredictable (according to some reviewers), quickly becoming passé.