Tindersticks: il nuovo album


Torna la band inglese dopo l’EP di gennaio scorso ‘See My Girls’. E torna annunciando il nuovo album ‘Distractions’ (fuori prossimo anno via City Slang) che viene anticipato dalla cover dei mai dimenticati Television Personalities ‘You’ll have to scream louder’. Stuart A. Stapes spiega: “Late May, early June, 2020 was a twitchy and angry time for many of us. There was a growing agitation inside of me. I woke on a Saturday morning with no plans but just this fucking Television Personalities song going round in my head, it pushed me into the studio. Four or five hours later I had made the basis of this recording, though I had to wait for windows of opportunity within our confinement to work with the band to bring it to a conclusion.”