Thurston Moore: le canzoni della vita


Il 28 gennaio sarà protagonista a Roma con il progetto Unicum (leggi) poi il 6 febbraio, a Londra, riceverà il prestigioso The Fly Awards 2014 nella categoria Living Legend (“I love it! Better than receiving a Dying Legend award! I have a new life in London since moving here last summer, so receiving an award like this is like a key to some rock’n’roll dream”). Durante la cerimonia di premiazione si esibiranno anche The Horrors e Peace. Ma il lato più curioso della faccenda è che a Thurston Moore è stato chiesto di elencare i brani della sua vita: “favorite songs of all time”. Ecco di seguito i 38 punti fermi per l’ex-Sonic Youth (a proposito, a domanda – il miglior disco mai realizzato? – Moore ha risposto ‘Confusion Is Sex’…):

Tapper Zukie – ‘Man Ah Warrior’
Patti Smith – ‘Godspeed’
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – ‘Orphans’
Mars – ‘3E’
Public Image LTD – ‘Public Image’
The Slits – ‘Love Und Romance’
The Raincoats – ‘In Love’
Captain Beefheart – ‘Electricity’
Alice Cooper – ‘Is It My Body?’
T. Rex – ‘Children Of The Revolution’
Archie Shepp – ‘Blasé’
Billie Holiday – ‘Gloomy Sunday’
Nirvana – ‘Dive’
Mudhoney – ‘In ‘N Out of Grace’
Dinosaur Jr. – ‘Little Fury Things’
Jackson C. Frank – ‘Blues Run The Game’
Bush Tetras – ‘Too Many Creeps’
The Germs – ‘Caught In My Eye’
Boredoms – ‘Born To Anal’
Lou Reed – ‘Satellite Of Love’
Beach Boys – ‘Hang On To Your Ego’
David Bowie – ‘Five Years’
Sparks – ‘Equator’
Siouxsie & The Banshees – ‘Hong Kong Garden’
The Damned – ‘New Rose’
The Mentally Ill – ‘Gacy’s Place’
Minor Threat – ‘Out Of Step’
Black Flag – ‘I’ve Got To Run’
The Untouchables – ‘Nic Fit’
Iron Cross – ‘Fight Em All’
The Faith – ‘It’s Time’
Void – ‘My Rules’
Negative Approach – ‘Nothing’
Youth Brigade – ‘It’s About Time We Had A Change’
State Of Alert – ‘Gonna Haveta Fight’
Anne Briggs – ‘Go Your Way’
The Fugs – ‘Crystal Liaison’
Jimi Hendrix – ‘Freedom’