This Mortail Coil, forever.


“This Mortal Coil was not a band, but a unique collaboration of musicians recording in various permutations, the brainchild of 4AD kingpin Ivo Watts-Russell. The idea was to allow artists the creative freedom to record material outside of the realm of what was expected of them; it also created the opportunity for innovative cover versions of songs personal to Ivo”.

Il supergruppo di casa 4AD dalla mente fervida e mai doma di Ivo Watts-Russell attivo discograficamente per tre album (1984-1991) prima di dar vita al progetto decisamente più ambient a nome The Hope Blister. Ma ora è venuto il momento di celebrare la creatura TMC che l’8 novembre viene omaggiata con il definitivo box a 4 CD ‘Tears in the Dropbox’. Il cofanetto include i tre CD originali rimasterizzati “repackaged in Japanese paper gatefold sleeves with “re-worked” art by Watts-Russell and famed 4AD designer Vaughan Oliver” ed il quarto chiamato ‘Dust & Guitars’ “which collects the band’s three singles and EPs, plus two recently discovered tracks that had been earmarked for the Rough Trade Singles Club in 1992 but weren’t issued: ‘Thais (Bird of Paradise)’ a variation of the ‘Filigree & Shadow’ track, and a cover of Neil Young’s ‘We Never Danced’ recorded for ‘Blood’ but not used”. Il tutto sarà disponibile anche in Blu Ray: “high-definition stereo (24bit/96khz), along with the band’s videos and both CD-quality FLAC files and MP3 files that can be ripped and burned”.

Tracklist: This Mortal Coil box set

1. “Kanga-Roo”
2. “Song to the Siren”
3. “Holocaust”
4. “Fyt”
5. “Fond Affections”
6. “The Last Ray”
7. “Another Day”
8. “Waves Become Wings”
9. “Barramundi”
10. “Dreams Made Flesh”
11. “Not Me”
12. “A Single Wish”

1. “Velvet Belly”
2. “The Jeweller”
3. “Ivy and Neet”
4. “Meniscus”
5. “Tarantula”
6. “My Father”
7. “Come Here My Love”
8. “At First, and Then”
9. “Strength of Strings”
10. “Morning Glory”
11. “Inch-Blue”
12. “I Want to Live”
13. “Mama K”
14. “Filigree & Shadow”
15. “Firebrothers”
16. “Thaïs”
17. “I Must Have Been Blind”
18. “A Heart of Glass”
19. “Alone”
20. “Mama K”
21. “The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks Its Thumb”
22. “Drugs”
23. “Red Rain”
24. “Thaïs”

1. “Lace Maker”
2. “Mr. Somewhere”
3. “Andialu”
4. “With Tomorrow”
5. “Loose Joints”
6. “You and Your Sister”
7. “Nature’s Way”
8. “I Come and Stand at Every Door”
9. “Bitter”
10. “Baby Ray Baby”11. “Several Times”
12. “The Lacemaker II”
13. “Late Night”
14. “Ruddy and Wretched”
15. “Help Me Lift You Up”
16. “Carolyn’s Song”
17. “D.D. and E.”
18. “‘Til I Gain Control Again”
19. “Dreams Are Like Water”
20. “I Am the Cosmos”
21. “(Nothing But) Blood”

1. “Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust”
2. “Song To The Siren”
3. “Sixteen Days (Reprise)”
4. “Kangaroo”
5. “It’ll End In Tears”
6. “Come Here My Love”
7. “Drugs”
8. “Acid, Bitter and Sad”
9. “We Never Danced” *
10. “Thais (Bird of Paradise)” *

* Previously unreleased