The Residents = 40.


Nel 2012 i seminali avanguardisti californiani celebreranno i 40 anni di carriera e lo faranno come sempre integri ed attivissimi più che mai. I Residents ripartiranno infatti il prossimo marzo con il “Talking Light Tour” da Città del Messico che si concluderà il 14 maggio a Londra. Durante il tour si potrà acquistare il DVD “Randy’s Ghost Stories” (guarda) assieme ad un CD strumentale chiamato ‘Dolar Generar’ e al nuovo album ‘Lonely Teenager’. Di seguito la presentazione del tour:

[The inspiration behind the Talking Light tour lies in The Residents’ interest in ghost stories. Like many of their projects, it began at a germ of an idea, then took on a life of its own. As the idea evolved, the Residents began to realize that what they saw as ghost stories had become a show about aging and death. They wanted to have fun with the concept, and in true Residents fashion, their idea of fun is just a bit darker and scarier than how the mainstream tends to define it. Each show begins with the title piece, “Talking Light,” which follows the tale of a “lonely teenager” who comes upon a mysterious skeleton baby in a remote desert cottage, and concludes with “Unseen Sister,” revolving around a woman and her invisible twin sister — and the weirdly conflicting emotions surrounding the death of her mother when the woman was just a child. Each show also includes a third piece — which might be “Perchance to Dream,” “The Sleepwalker,” “Ghost Snake,” “Florence,” “Milton” or “Pudding in Disguise” — each of which is equally engrossing. All of these ghost stories carry a common theme, centered around TV culture and commercials, which ultimately asks the question: In a world where nearly everything has become defined and categorized, how do we fill our obvious, purely human need for the fuzzy, vague and supernatural — with TV commercials? The Residents have some creative answers for you.]


The Residents @ Circolo degli Artisti (Roma, 2008)