The Hold Steady: il nuovo album


Due anni dopo ‘Thrashing Thru the Passion’ torna la band di Brooklyn con il nuovo album ”Open Door Policy’ che sarà fuori il 19 febbraio via Positive Jams/Thirty Tigers. Il disco numero otto è anticipato dal travolgente singolo ‘Family Farm’ a cui seguono ‘Heavy Covenant’ e ‘Spices’. Craig Finn racconta: “Songs are created a bunch of different ways in the Hold Steady, but to me, our most classic songs are driving rock songs with piano breaks. Family Farm fits the bill. The genesis of the song was the guitar riff that starts it. Tad Kubler played a home demo for me and our producer Josh Kaufman, and we thought it was worth pursuing. At this point it had the working title ‘August’. We brought it to the band and Franz had the idea for the bridge. This seemed like a ‘scene change’ of sorts, and gave the song more depth and intrigue. We recorded it in December 2019 at the Clubhouse in upstate NY, just after our annual run of shows at the Brooklyn Bowl. Our friends Stuart Bogie and Jordan McLean added horns a bit later. I was personally happy to get a mention of Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ in the lyrics, and I appreciate it even more after Eddie Van Halen’s unfortunate recent passing. Overall, it feels like a song that will be fun to play live — uptempo, dynamic, and a chorus with shout-along potential”.