The Dream Syndicate: il nuovo album


Nel giorno (triste) in cui anche Steve Wynn tributa David Roback (“It’s weird. I never knew David Roback that well. But I loved his songs and guitar playing and of course his band and mine shared a special time together. Matt Piucci of Rain Parade wrote this heartbreaking song when David left the band to form Opal with my friend and bandmate Kendra Smith. It hit me hard then and it still does today. And it’s strange and somehow sweet that I got to sing it only one week ago with Matt and David’s brother Steven in Oakland. RIP David Roback. We didn’t hang much but you were my friend”) i Dream Syndicate annunciano il nuovo album ‘The Universe Inside’ (“The album was recorded mostly live and based on improvisational jams”) che sarà fuori il 10 aprile via ANTI-. Nei 20 minuti del primo singolo ‘The Regulator’ compare Stephen McCarthy dei Long Ryders.