The Child Of Lov – R.I.P.


“On behalf of the family and as his manager I must announce That Martijn Teerlinck aka Cole Williams aka The Child of Lov aka Sun Patzer is no longer with us. He lived a life of struggle and can now rest peacefully”. Ad annunciare la tristissima notizia ci ha pensato il suo manager. E’ morto il 10 dicembre a 26 anni per le complicazioni sopraggiunte ad un’operazione chirurgica il belga Martijn Teerlinck. Ad inizio anno aveva pubblicato il debutto omonimo via Double Six ed aveva anche collaborato con Damon Albarn (‘One Day‘) e DOOM. Il disco era stato registrato proprio nello studio 13 di Damon Albarn a Londra. Guarda ‘Heal

“When I was younger, I had a tough time physically. I have seen too many hospital beds. It made me stronger. Makes You Realize death is always near, for anyone. And what a wonderful thing life is and how grateful we should be.”

La Domino Records scrive: “It is with great sadness that we confirm the passing of Double 6 recording artist The Child of Lov. His talent and friendship are a heavy loss to us, but we will always carry the pride of having been involved in his short but particularly bright recording career”.