Ad un anno dall’annuncio ad inizio agosto è uscito ‘Destroyer‘ il secondo album del duo newyorchese Telepathe ovverosia Busy Gangnes e Melissa Livaudais. Il disco (che era stato “iniziato” nel 2012) è stato pubblicato attraverso la loro BZML a sei anni dal debutto ‘Dance Mother’ e a circa quattro dal singolo ‘Destroyer’ remixato anche da Trent Reznor. “We decided to leave NY for a couple of months during the winter to write and record this new album. We rented an apartment on Sunset Boulevard. At the time we were reading a lot Science Fiction and researching California cults, which became themes that seeped into our music… we wanted the album to come out in the right way, and at the best time. We had attempted to release Destroyer a couple of times during the last two years, but the process was delayed by industry and label politics”. Il primo singolo è stato ‘Night’s Spell’.