Surfer Blood: il nuovo album


Ad un anno dal cover album ‘Covers’ e a tre da ‘Snowdonia’ tornano in grande forma i Surfer Blood con il nuovo lavoro ‘Carefree Theatre’ che sarà fuori il 1 maggio via Kanine. Il singolo che anticipa tutto è ‘Parkland (Into the Silence)’ ispirato al tragico episodio avvenuto nel 2018 proprio a Parkland (Florida). Ricordiamo che nel 2016 la band aveva prematuramente perso il chitarrista Thomas Fekete vinto da un brutto male.

John Paul Pitts racconta: “On February 14, 2018 I was running on the treadmill at the gym with cable news running in the background. I had just moved back to Florida and was desperately looking for a reason to feel good about it. That was when I saw the news. There had been a shooting at a high school forty minutes south of my hometown. My heart ached for the victims and their families, but like so many Americans, I’ve become resigned to this particular kind of tragedy. I’m not proud of my cynicism, but it’s a callousness you develop when you live in a country where this is a weekly event. In the days and weeks that followed, I watched the events closely. These high school kids were tearing up routine talking points we’ve heard a thousand times, refusing to be helpless, refusing to succumb to despair. In those moments I was so proud to be from this place. Even though we haven’t seen any meaningful legislation, these students were able to move the conversation into new territory. I never thought I’d see people wake up to the epidemic of gun violence in the US, but it feels like its on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and so much of that awareness is due to the resilience and optimism of these young Floridians. This song is a testament to their courage. They are truly inspiring and living proof that anything can be overcome”.