Siouxsie and the Banshees: la raccolta


Un anno fa Siouxsie era stata tre le protagoniste del Meltdown Festival londinese (curato da Yoko Ono). Poi era stato Steve Severin attraverso Twitter a rivelare: “After a gap of nearly a decades, the Banshees are talking again… The feud is over”. Dichiarazione che veniva successivamente confermata e precisata sul Facebook group della band: “It’s not sarcastic….FFS. And there is NO reunion. We’re talking again. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!!!”. Quindi a fine giugno 2013 sempre Severin aggiungeva riguardo Siouxsie: Siouxsie is free. Free from the burden of expectation of the unexpected, free from appeasing the egos of myself & Budgie. Free to celebrate our weighty legacy and free finally, to revel in a solo spotlight embracing the adoration for herself and her struggles. From what I’ve seen and heard, Meltdown was a hundred times better than the Seven Year Itch and probably, a million times better than any version of the Banshees could produce today. Her band were competent, confident and enthusiastic. Gone was the frisson that made the Banshees what they were and that’s a good thing. It has no place to go anymore. So what remains in it’s stead? Siouxsie’s inimitable charisma and conviction and those brilliant, brilliant songs. A total and utter triumph and better than you deserve….just kidding”.

Marzo 2014. Le voci ci dicono che forse arriverà un box-set con 20 dischi e qualche live riversato in DVD, sul Facebook ufficiale della gloriosa band britannica viene allora postata una foto con questa indicazione: To keep up to date with all the latest news, make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list via“. La curiosità è ripagata con l’annuncio della pubblicazione della ristampa del 7″ ‘Hong Kong Garden’ (a commemorare il debutto targato 1978): “reissue of the song that will include the original A- and B-sides on one record, and the version from Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette film and the recording of ‘Voices’ from 1984′s The Thorn EP on the second record”. Il singolo è poi uscito il 7 aprile via Universal.

Luglio 2014. E’ Steve Severin ad annunciare l’uscita delle ristampe degli ultimi quattro album della band attraverso il gruppo Facebook dei Banshees (“FINAL FOUR DUE FIFTEENTH SEPTEMBER”). ‘Through the Looking Glass’, ‘Peepshow’, ‘Superstition’ e ‘The Rapture’ saranno fuori il 15 settembre via Universal Music. La campagna di ristampa era partita nel 2005.

Agosto 2014. Cambia la data d’uscita delle 4 ristampe: è il 13 ottobre. Steve Severin dal suo profilo Facebook rivela: “Something else drops on Oct. 20th. Another thing in November. Something in the New Year and something BIG in March”.

Dicembre 2014. Viene annunciata per il 12 gennaio la raccolta ‘Spellbound: The Collection’ via Universal. 18 tracce scelte dalla regina Siouxsie e da Steve Severin che attraverso Facebook racconta e svela che in primavera ci sarà un’altra antologia: The choices came surprisingly easy. The brief was something from every album, a few singles, a couple of B-sides. [Universal] wanted a live track and/or BBC session but we felt it would spoil the flow. And flow is what it’s all about. In other words, nothing for you lot to get that excited about. However, he quickly hinted at something else in the spring. Something special for YOU is coming March/April and possibly something ‘unique’ for this coming RSD”.

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