Scott Walker – RIP


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Scott Walker. Scott was 76 years old and is survived by his daughter, Lee, his granddaughter, Emmi-Lee, and his partner Beverly. For half a century, the genius of the man born Noel Scott Engel has enriched the lives of thousands, first as one third of The Walker Brothers, and later as a solo artist, producer and composer of uncompromising originality. Scott Walker has been a unique and challenging titan at the forefront of British music: audacious and questioning, he has produced works that dare to explore human vulnerability and the godless darkness encircling it.

Il drammatico annuncio viene dato dalla 4AD. Un autentico genio ci lascia. Noel Scott Engel scompare all’età di 76 anni. Artista influente come pochi, era nato in Ohio, trovando però il successo inizialmente in UK. La nascita dei Walker Brothers e parallelamente i primi album solisti pubblicati a partire dalla fine degli anni ’60. L’ultima fatica discografica è datata 2018, ovverosia la colonna sonora del film “Vox Lux”.

“I think of myself as a songwriter, but I agree they are maybe not traditional songs. I know what people mean, but what else can you call them?”.

Thom YorkeSo very sad to hear that Scott Walker has passed away, he was a huge influence on Radiohead and myself, showing me how i could use my voice and words. Met him once at Meltdown, such a kind gentle outsider. He will be very missed.

Nigel GodrichSo very sad to hear about Scott Walker…. truly one of the greats.. so unique and a real artist. On my way to work on the first day of recording OK Computer I passed him riding his bike on Chiswick High Street.. and when I got to the studio Thom was holding a copy of Scott 4. I took that as a good omen. When I worked at RAK studios I was lucky enough to spend a few days in the studio with him during the recording of the Tilt album… I so grateful for that… what a legend.

Anton Newcomberest in peace scott walker. much love & thank you

Rough TradeVery sad to learn that Scott Walker has passed away. A truly unique artist, who influenced so many with his extraordinary musicianship. One of the greats, without question. RIP x

Brendan Canty Goodbye to one of the greatest

MorganÈ morto Scott Walker, il più grande musicista in assoluto degli ultimi 30anni, se consideriamo i due album Tilt e Drift. Basterebbero quelli per sostenere che Scott Walker è stato per la fine del 900 ciò che Beethoven è stato per l’inizio dell’Ottocento…

Simon ScottOh no. Another genius leaves us. Thanks for the bitter sweet inspiration!

Lawrence English > Thank you Scott Walker. U were a beacon of possibility, an example of how to continue to grow across an artistic life. I am sorry not to hear more of what you had inside you. RIP…

Graham Sutton > RIP Scott Walker

Loz Colbert Scott Walker gave inspiration to so many would be vocalists to ‘belt it out with feeling and emotion’, but in an eerie, understated way.. very powerful. Be bold, be brave, be strong, RIP X

XTCScott Walker R.I.P.

Glen MatlockA particularly sad day for music. RIP Scott Walker / thanks for being such a game changer.

Little StevenRIP Scott Walker. Leo says it.

Clem Burke RIP Scott Walker . Genius

Gaz CoombesHe was, and always will be such a huge influence. Thank you for the beautiful music.

Boy GeorgeWow. Goodbye Scott Walker, the biggest influence on David Bowie. A maverick and uncompromising artist. Loved by @MarcAlmond and myself. One of the peculiar greats!

Marc Almond Absolutely saddened shocked by the death of Scott Walker . He gave me so much inspiration so much I owe to him and modelled on him even down to my early S C hair cut and dark glasses . He cemented my love for Brel. He was enigmatic , mysterious and with some of his latter recordings , to me, infuriating. An absolute Musical genius , existential and intellectual and a Star right from the days of the Walker Brothers. So many of his songs will go round in my head forever. And that Voice. We lost Bowie now we’ve lost him. There is surely a crack in the Universe. Thank you Scott.

Midge Ure The man with the mahogany voice… Scott Walker. RIP

Cat StevensSad to hear of the passing of Scott Walker. The Walker Brothers tour of 1967 was a seminal event in the careers of all the artists involved.

David SylvianScott was complex, as uncomfortable/unsettled in the world as was his later work. The Scott albums of the late sixties and everything he created post ‘climate of hunter’ was a creative leap into the unknown. Possessor of ‘the voice’ so many of us believed unsurpassable. Missed.

Erol Alkan Real sad to read that Scott Walker has passed away. One of the purest voices I’ve ever experienced, his music has been with me all my life. Rest In Peace.

Stephen F. O’Malley Incredibly saddened by the news SCOTT O))). Rest in peace great maestro. It was and honor to meet you and spend a small time and space sharing your creative universe. An unbelievably rich and affirming experience, your courage and passion for the depth of the creative source.

Dean Warehammy favorite Scott Walker track, I borrowed that chord progression for Luna’s “Slow Song”. Duchess Duchess, light up your candles for me / Duchess Duchess put all the love back in me