Sarah Records: il documentario


Ci sono voluti quattro anni per vedere finalmente il lavoro finito. La label di culto Sarah Records (attiva a Bristol tra il 1987 e il 1995) viene raccontata da Lucy Dawkins nel suo documentario “My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records”. Una storia singolare che dimostra come “you can run a successful business without surrendering personal ethics”. Storia raccontata in prima persona dai fondatori Clare Wadd e Matt Haynes oltre a numerosi membri delle band che hanno pubblicato per la label. Dawkins spiega: “Sarah Records was a truly independent record label founded by Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes in Bristol, England. Active between 1987-1995, Sarah Records set out to be different from other record labels. Committed to socialism and feminism and influenced by the fanzines and DIY attitude of the 70s punk scene, Clare and Matt were as vocal about their causes as their music. They were brave and uncompromising, refusing to play the music industry game to the very end and proved you can run a successful business without surrendering personal ethics. Sarah Records released a wide variety of music by bands based all over the UK and overseas. The fact that the label continues to attract new fans is testament to the quality and breadth of Sarah’s discography. ‘My Secret World – The Story Of Sarah Records’ is the first feature length documentary to explore this legendary, influential and often misunderstood label. Now the label founders, former Sarah band members, music critics and those that have been inspired by the label tell their story”. Guarda TRAILER


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