Rozz Williams: 15 anni dopo


Sono passati esattamente 15 anni da quel 1 aprile 1998, quando Rozz Williams (Roger Alan Painter) decideva di togliersi la vita a 34 anni. Indimenticato leader dei Christian DeathShadow Project (assieme alla moglie Eva O), Premature Ejaculation e coinvolto nei progetti Daucus Karota, Heltir, EXP. Per ricordare il musicista californiano fra qualche giorno allo Spectacle Theater di Williamsburg verranno proiettati i film “Pig” (che Williams co-diresse con Nico B prima della sua scomparsa) e il seguito “1334”. GUARDA TRAILER

Created imminently before and after Rozz Williams’s April 1, 1998 suicide, Pig has acquired the hallowed aura of something that seems to exist primarily as rumor. Mostly seen through extremely limited, long out-of-print home video releases, this shot-on-16mm and Super 8 film is now spotlighted by an new 2K restoration. Rather scrubbing away the film’s mystique, the sharp transfer enhances the film’s inherent grime and grain, taking away nothing from the film’s unparallelled ability to inspire awe and revulsion. Williams’s industrial soundtrack is more gripping than ever in a new 5.1 surround mix. PIG is now paired with its highly anticipated follow-up 1334, which harrowingly folds past and present, real-life tragedies and imagined histories into a hallucinatory, eschatological exploration of Rozz’s suicide.