Radiohead: chi è il regista di Burn The Witch


L’inglese Chris Hopewell è il regista del nuovo video dei Radiohead ‘Burn The Witch’. Collaborazione che si è rinnovata dopo il successo di ‘There There’ con il quale, nel 2003, Hopewell aveva vinto un MTV Moon Man Award. Negli anni ’80 lavora come “stage hand and lighting engineer”, va in tour con numerose band punk/hardcore e produce la zine “Skate Muties from the Fifth Dimension”. Negli anni ’90 lo ritroviamo come grafico per i magazine The Face, ID, Loaded e NME. Studia arte per due anni, successivamente inizia a dirigere corti animati e nel 2001 con Ben Foley fonda la Collision Films. Negli ultimi 15 anni eccolo dietro alla macchina da presa a girare clip per Killers, Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Zutons, Spinnerette, Offspring, The Knife e Graham Coxon.

Qualche giorno fa scriveva a proposito del lavoro a ‘Burn The Witch’:

So I guess we just made a Radiohead video! It’s for their new track ‘Burn the Witch’. Thank you all for your kind words – it does mean a lot to know it’s going down well. The whole video was conceived, designed, built and animated in 14 days, we finished last Thursday. I am immensely proud of everyone that worked their asses off on it – for many of them it was their first film. I shall introduce them in later posts… But for now thank you! You where all bloody brilliant!!! Big love to you all!

Poi aggiornava la situazione presentando i collaboratori:

Here’s the crazy girl gang that made the Radiohead video happen! These ladies worked day and night to produce the puppets and props in just 6 days! This film would not have happened without their beautiful work. So proud of you guys! Thank you – I owe you many beers!


Poi veniva immortalato con…

Here’s director Chris Hopewell and DOP Jon Davey on the set of the Radiohead video for ‘Burn the witch’ shoot. JD was a diamond and worked round the clock to get this made – he also spends a lot of time as a Dalek!

hope3E infine i ringraziamenti a video terminato:

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Stanley Donwood and Radiohead for getting us involved in making the video for ‘Burn the Witch’ these guys gave us complete freedom to do our thing. It also helps that the track is fricking beautiful and a total gift to any film maker. I must of heard it 400 times during the making of the vid – LOVE it! They are as always a pleasure to work with.