Pulp: il nuovo brano


Il primo singolo ufficiale undici anni dopo ‘Bad Cover Version’. I Pulp tornano oggi con il nuovo brano ‘After You’ (registrato a fine 2012) riveduto, corretto e prodotto da James Murphy (disponibile su iTunes). “The song, which has a definite hint of the band’s early-to-mid 90s output rather than their later recorded material, was originally given away as a Christmas day present at the end of the year to fans who had been to see Jarvis Cocker and co playing in Sheffield earlier that month”. Jarvis Cocker che a novembre scorso aveva rigettato l’ipotesi di nuovo materiale oggi dichiara: “it was a big enough challenge to learn how to play all the old songs and, hopefully, perform them in a convincing way”. ASCOLTA ‘AFTER YOU’

Su iTunes.