Philip Chevron (The Pogues): R.I.P.


Una sentenza terribile: “inoperable cancer”. Sentenza che a maggio era arrivata per Philip Chevron storico chitarrista dei Pogues e dei Radiators. Un male scoperto nel 2007 (testa e collo), curato con trattamento chemioterapico nel 2009, ed un altro scoperto solo nel 2012. “The cancer is, in short, inoperable and will prove fatal in time, though it is at present impossible to measure life expectancy”. Irlandese di Dublino, classe ’57 (Philip Ryan il vero nome), era uscito dai Pogues nel 1994 (abuso di droghe e alcol la causa dell’abbandono) previa ritornarvi nel 2001 alla reunion della leggendaria formazione guidata da Shane McGowan. Chevron è morto all’età di 56 anni. Dal sito ufficiale dei Pogues: “After a long illness Philip passed away peacefully this morning. We all send our sincere condolences to his family”.

“The news of Philip’s death on Tuesday morning, from complications brought about by throat cancer, has hurt us terribly. Philip was first diagnosed with the disease in 2006 and after a gruelling period of chemotherapy which he had fought with such dignity, strength and heroism, he was declared to be in remission. But in a tragic stroke last August he returned from visiting his oncologist with the harrowing news that his cancer had returned, and that this time it was inoperable. It has been no consolation that we have all had months to prepare for the worst; when the worst came, the preparations we had made turned out to be futile, and the impact has been felt very deeply. The hole that his death has left will be huge. He was a remarkable and fantastically talented colleague, but most of all a friend. Our thoughts go out to his fans, who loved him unanimously. But above all, our thoughts are now with his family, with those he held dear and who have held him dear. Philip will be missed terribly and will always be in our hearts”. – The Pogues