Phelps COLLINS – R.I.P.


Dopo la scomparsa a giugno di Gary Shider il mondo funk perde un altro dei suoi protagonisti. Il 6 agosto è infatti scomparso Phelps “Catfish” Collins, fratello di Bootsy Collins, e chitarrista per Parliament-Funkadelic, James Brown e Bootsy’s Rubber Band. Collins aveva 66 anni ed è morto per le complicazioni dovute al solito terribile male. Il fratello Bootsy scrive queste parole:

Catfish was my brother, my father and most of all my best friend. Catfish was a different kind of human being, he only wanted love and peace in every situation. To me Catfish was the one that inspired me to be at one with all that is, which is everybody and everything that was created by the One. Catfish taught me that to be love meant more than just to talk about it. Sure, we all may have a great interpretation of love in our everyday language that people understand, but even a child that don’t understand a word knows when he is in the presence of love with no words mentioned. That is who the Catfish was and still is. He was that word that did not have to speak in order for you to understand the depth of his being, his soul, his peace and joy.

My world will never be the same without him. Be happy for him, he certainly is now and always has been the happiest young fella I ever met on this planet. Catfish is survived by his sister Brenda, Bootsy, his two kids Carmen and Phelps the 3rd, nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends and fans. Thank you all for being a part of ‘The Catfish Life’; he was truly an amazing gentleman.