Pavement: il ritorno?


Dalla Matador bocche cucite (per ora). Sul profilo Facebook dei Pavement il 9 aprile viene pubblicato l’annuncio: “great news coming soon”. Il giorno dopo Scott Kannberg aggiunge: “hi pavement fans… spiral here. we’ve taken back our page after all these years… thanks to the fine folks at matador. and thanks to you for supporting us! there’s some great news coming soon… in the meantime, we will be randomly posting stuff from the archive. hope you enjoy!”. Poi tocca a Bob Nastanovich: “Happy to be an admin/reporter on this page. West is hanging in Nashville with David. Is that newsworthy? Bob in Iowa”. Via Twitter Stephen Malkmus risponde alla domanda su una possibile prossima reunion: “@GrantHawkinsM @BNastanovich maybe there’s some anniversary or terror twilight re issue?”. E ancora Nastanovich: “Like Malk, I remain blissed out in darkness. Relaxing under a grey mist while listening to Horse Lords, etc.”. Insomma qualcosa in pentola bolle. Vedremo quale “anniversario” verrà celebrato…

[From archive]

Pavement @ Atlantico Live (Roma, 2010), Sonic Youth + Pavement @ Tendastrisce (Roma, 1992)