Parigi. Il tributo del mondo musicale


Infiniti gli omaggi, infinite le testimonianze di solidarietà anche da parte del mondo musicale. Qui ne raccogliamo alcune. Aggiornando costantemente.

Maserati: We are safe in Rome but our hearts are going out to everyone in Paris, stop this senseless violence

Mark Gardener: Vive La France …My thoughts are with you all in Paris

The Cure: Our deepest and most sincere thoughts go out to the French people

Frances Bean CobainReally terrible shit happens in our world. But out of tragedy comes unity & it’s inspiring. My thoughts and love go out to the ppl of Paris.

Dave Sitek: dear humanity, please stay with us.

Zooey Deschanel: My heart is filled with sadness for our French brothers and sisters. I am praying for Paris and for the victims of this senseless tragedy

The Libertines: Big Love to everyone in Paris. Concert Goers and peoples one and all. Be safe everyone.

Blink 182: Our thoughts are with you #Paris. We love you. 

Years & Years: our thoughts are with everyone in Paris tonight, pls stay safe x

Grant Lee Phillips: My heart is with the people of Paris on the deeply sad night.

Madonna: We Are All Immigrants #ELLISstory We all bleed the same color……We are all ONE Pray For Peace! In Paris and all around the World.

Ariana Grande: what a scary, chaotic day on earth. my heart is with everyone in Paris and Japan.

Deadmau5: If gestures of respect is what Paris needs, then they already have mine.


Deftones: Thank for all your inquiries on our well being. Band/Crew all safe and accounted for at this time. Prayers for those affected in these tragic events.

Halsey: Prayers going out to Paris and Japan right now. I don’t know what to say…

Gli U2 che hanno annullato il concerto parigino (14 novembre) scrivono: We watched in disbelief and shock at the unfolding events in Paris and our hearts go out to all the victims and their families across the city tonight. We are devastated at the loss of life at the Eagles of Death Metal concert and our thoughts and prayers are with the band and their fans. And we hope and pray that all of our fans in Paris are safe.”

Jared Leto: Thoughts + prayers to friends / family in Paris and everyone at Le Bataclan – a venue we played recently. A senseless and horrible tragedy.

Justin Bieber: Had a great first show but just heard about what happened in Paris. Thoughts and prayers with everyone.

Katy Perry: Guys, it’s time to #PrayForParis right now.

Mika: Just landed in Paris amidst all the confusion, bombings and attacks. It’s horrible

Belinda Carlisle: WTF IS GOING ON IN PARIS????$%^&*(){

Imagine Dragons: Paris we are sending you our love. we are heartbroken

el-p: holy shit paris

Jared Followill: Sending good vibes to Paris. A very dear friend plays for Eagles Of Death Metal. I’ve been pacing around my hotel room. What a terrible day.

Simple Plan: We’re extremely sad to hear about the situation in Paris. Sending our prayers and thoughts to the victims and their families.

Ellie Goulding: Thoughts and prayers and love are with people in Paris tonight. Sad and horrifying news. Eternal confusion.

Disclosure: All our thoughts are with our friends enduring the tragedies occurring in Paris. Stay safe everyone.

Pink: My prayers are with the people in Paris tonight. I pray for your safety and for your comfort.

Questlove: Man. Just literally heard about #Paris (was filming earlier I wasn’t aware) this is so heartbreaking man. This is beyond the “thoughts and prayers go to” post. Paris took us in from the cold and gave us a home. I’ve performed and chilled at #Bataclan more times than I can remember. The staff and people there….look I dunno what to say man….I’m at a lost for words….#WeNeedPeace. Praying that Paris heals. Praying the world can heal.

Young The Giant: Thoughts go out to everyone in Paris tonight and French countrymen/women. Indescribable.

AC/DC: We mourn this tragic loss of life and stand with the world to salute your joie de vivre. Paix. 

Cold War Kids: Every band whose played Bataclan feels how terribly real and near this violence is .

Snoop Dogg: #prayforparis

Sam Smith: My heart and thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends of the victims and all the people in Paris tonight xxxx

Chris Cornell: Unbelievable and unconscionable !My heart goes out to victims and their loved ones

Hozier: Just hearing now about what’s unfolding in Paris. Absolutely unthinkable. Thoughts are with the victims and their families.

Alicia Keys: My heart is broken 4 all the families in Paris whose loved ones will never return home

LL Cool J: #TheDarknessWillTurnToLight #LObscuritéSeTransformeraEnLumière #prayforparis 

Justin Timberlake: #PRAYFORPARIS

CeeLo Green: My prayers go out to all those in Paris…I was supposed to be there today

Battles: We love you Paris

Stephen Street: I love #Paris my thoughts are with the good people of that city. This is going to be a turning point…

Here We Go Magic: Much love to all our friends in Paris

Mark Lanegan: Prayers for my brothers @EODMofficial and all touched by the sickening violence in Paris tonight. Wtf is wrong with this world.

Peaches: Psyching myself up for the LA show tonight! This is for you Paris and Eagles of Death Metal!!!

Juliette Lewis: To the lives lost senselessly tonight. I hope you soar high above and find your way into another time and another place with so much grace. We cherish you. #prayforparis #peaceforparis #loveforhumanity

Zoe Kravitz: my whole heart and soul sends love to Paris. I beg you all, this is not a place for debate, rude remarks or words of hatred. Just take a moment and send some love.

Alison Mosshart: My heart is broken for you Paris. It’s pieces go out to all the people who suffered the terrorist attacks
there tonight. For the Bataclan survivors and deceased, 
their families, friends, and loved ones, I’m down on my knees for all of you. Having played the Bataclan many times in my life, to the most beautiful supportive loving audiences, us musicians and fans know we have lost universal family tonight. We have lost brothers and sisters who’s beauty and support, and love so genuine, so free and so right, has long inspired us in ways unimaginable. You did not deserve this, ever. I am sorry you had to endure such pointless horror. It’s so hard to find the right words, but I will not put this guitar down. I will not unplug this mic. I will keep showing up for you. You have only ever been beautiful.

Deap Vally: Praying for peace in Paris and the rest of the world. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these horrific and senseless acts of violence.

Please pray for the hostages, please pray for our friends xxxx

Le Butcherettes: Paris, Francia

Ryan Adams: #PeaceForParis

Beast Coast: What happened tonight in Paris breaks my heart beyond belief- but what especially saddens me is the fact that innocent lives were lost at a rock concert. Terrifying to think we live in a world where you are not safe anywhere and where people just take the lives of others for NO reason. The thought that this could have been a show by one of my friends or even my own band hits me incredibly hard. Every shred of positive energy I have is being sent to the Eagles of Death Metal band and crew and ENDLESS love to the victims and families of victims whose lives were lost in Paris tonight. I pray that one day we see peace in this world. Stay safe everybody and always tell your loved ones how important they are to you BC

Florence Welch: Our thoughts and prayers are with Paris

Guns N’ Roses: To everyone, everywhere, who have been affected: our deepest sympathies

Nikki Sixx: To everyone, everywhere, who have been affected: our deepest sympathies

Scott Ian: Kiss your kids, hug your partner and hope somebody somewhere has a plan.

Slash: Mortified by the horrific events in Paris. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all the innocent victims

The Zombies: Our thoughts go out to everyone in France right now! 

Dave Navarro: Love and prayers to the people of Paris

Rachel Goswell: Utterly horrified this morning to wake up to this terrible news. Don’t think any words are enough. #PrayForParis

Jehnny Beth: I am France. I am Paris. I am profoundly sad

Anche gli australiani Boo Seeka erano “intrappolati” a Parigi. Questo il loro comunicato a lieto fine: “We have finally been let out of the venue we have been locked in for the last 4 hours we played tonight in Paris into a city full of sirens and chaos.. Seeka and I are safe and have been offered couches for the night by some lovely fellow Aussies. Our thoughts go out to all the people and families that have been effected by this unforgettable night. Hamburg.. We will let you know if we make it in time tomorrow but for now we are stuck with the boarders closed… On a lighter note, thanks to Jarryd James for having us tonight.. Legend”.

Alex Kapranos: Can’t believe what happened in Paris last night. Incomprehensibly evil. Thoughts with everyone over there.

London Grammar: Our thoughts are with the people of Paris today. Love, Hannah, Dot and Dan

Simple Minds: PARIS: Hearts are full of sorrow, but along with countless others around the world we offer profound sympathy to the victims of the terrorists attacks that struck the city of Paris last night. Some years ago we ourselves enjoyed a magical night along with our fans in the Bataclan venue, watching the news last night therefore made the horror so much more poignant. Today our sympathy goes out to all who suffered as result of what occurred within a city and county that means so much to Simple Minds both personally and professionally. Jim Kerr

One Direction: Still in shock over what happened in Paris.

Milla Jovovich: I can’t believe the heartbreaking news I’ve woken up to today. Our hearts are in Paris

Edwyn Collins: In Paris yesterday 120 died , It’s so bad-Edwyn

Lapsley: Paris show tonight cancelled. Peace and love.

Sabrina Salerno: Non ho parole per quello che è successo. Questa sera andrò comunque a #Paris #PrayForParis 

Angelo Branduardi: Dopo 20 anni ritorna una Preghiera. Tra quelle mura ora impregnate di morte.

David Coverdale: What terrible news to awaken to today. Our thoughts & prayers are with all those affected by the tragedy in Paris

Roddy Bottum: with love, compassion, sympathy, peace and understanding our goal, we forge ahead together as one. my heart to Paris and @EODMofficial

Billy Idol: I enjoyed playing Paris last summer… @EODMofficial & all caught in the Paris attacks my heart goes out to you

Enrique Iglesias: My prayers and thoughts go to the victims of the terror attacks in #Paris and their families

Ronan Keeting: Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the people of Paris that have been affected by this terrible act of barbaric terrorism.

Gary Numan: Paris. Heartbreaking

Alanis Morissette: I love you paris

Aaron Carter: I’m so devastated to hear about the events in Paris and the terrorist attack my heart feels so sad for everyone I’m so sorry I love u Paris.

Nancy Wilson: We are so sad for the senseless inhumanity on the people of Paris. We are still waiting to learn if some of our friends have made it out alive. We are sending our best strongest and most loving prayers aloft.

The Hives: We love you Eagles Of Death Metal. We love you Bataclan. We love you Paris.

Bret Michaels: A huge thank you to all our friends in St. Petersburg for making tonight awesome. Also, we offer our most sincere thoughts to those in Paris, France and Japan affected by recent tragedies.

Echosmith: Paris is known to be the city of love. Let’s pray this horrible time passes & we can go back to the love

Ashanti: Praying for Paris… Praying for Peace… It’s Amazing how invaluable human life has become…

John Carpenter: Our thoughts are with the people of Paris and the survivors of the brutal terrorist attacks. Murdering people where they gather together in unity to enjoy life is an act of cowardice.

Anthrax: Our thoughts and wishes are with all those in Paris

Cage The Elephant: Please keep those in Paris in your thoughts and prayers. Absolutely horrific

Krist Novoselic: Just found out. This feels really close. I am in tears

Richard Patrick: The #French 9/11 includes some of our dearest friends.This is an attack on western culture. Fuck islamic fundamentalism! #America #terrorism

Flea: sending all my love to all the people in paris being attacked, killed, and hurt and taken hostage right now.

Maynard Keenan: Good news. Just confirmed our friend @mattmcjunkins of @puscifer @aperfectcircle & @EODMofficial was a hostage but is officially safe.

Garbage: Manchester you were lovely tonight. Thankyou so much. Devastated that the evening should end with such sad news from Paris. Practice peace.

Luca Carboni: Una preghiera per tutte le vittime Non pensare di essere in guerra Non farsi sopraffare dalla paura E soprattutto dall’odio.

Slowdive: Shocked and saddened at the senseless violence. All thoughts & prayers are with France & the families and friends of loved ones lost X

Cat Stevens: We pray for the families of all those who lost their lives or were injured by violence and terror around the world.

Bat For Lashes: I’m so sad to be so far away and hear about Paris. My heart hurts for everyone there, for when we are lost in the dark. …
”Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” Martin Luther King.

Motorhead: First of all, what can we say? Our hearts go out to all who have suffered in Paris tonight, we are so sorry, it is so utterly horrific. Thank you to everyone who has asked about us all, everyone in the Motörcamp is safe although as you have probably heard, Paris and, indeed, France, is understandably on lockdown until local authorities can gauge the full extent of what has occurred. When we have further news, we will let you know. We just hope everyone can heal.

Nicole Atkins: Tonight @themercuryrev and I play in Italy. I’m heartbroken over the loss of life at our friends @eodmofficial show and throughout Paris. Hold your loved ones close. I don’t know what to say. Peace, love and rock and roll for all people.

The Shins: Feeling pretty sad about last night and pretty mad too. As you do. Vive la France!

Duran Duran: Sending love and courage to all our friends at the @EODMofficial concert and throughout all of Paris.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: it is devastating, and still difficult to even comprehend what has taken place in paris. we are all in shock, as news is still coming in… our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the victims at this time there are no words -brmc

Josè Gonzalez: SONIC VISIONS FESTIVAL: SATURDAY SHOWS CANCELLED. In light of yesterday’s events in Paris and as an act of solidarity it has been decided to cancel all shows of the Sonic Visions Festival for this Saturday. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the victims and their families and our colleagues at the Bataclan.

Howe Gelb: viva la France

Happy Mondays: From Manchester to Paris With Love

Carl Barat: Sending love to Paris.

The Black Angels: Our thoughts are with everyone in Paris and this horrendous ordeal still unfolding. So sad and upset right now.

Lou Doillon: Suite aux événements de cette nuit, le concert de Lille ce soir est reporté. Mes pensées vont aux parents, aux frères, aux soeurs, aux enfants, aux familles, aux amis des victimes.

Sting: prayforparis

Lenny Kravitz: #‎letloverule‬ ‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎unity‬ ‪#‎paris‬ ‪#‎planetearth‬

Michael Monroe: Peace & Love

Hinds: Avec Paris

Mercury Rev: Thoughts and prayers to all of Paris, all of France, The Eagles of Death Metal, to all to all to all.  Our Paris show at Alhambra will not go on. Candles lit Candles lit Candles lit. Jonathan and Grasshopper.

Foo Fighters: It is with profound sadness and heartfelt concern for everyone in Paris that we have been forced to announce the cancellation of the rest of our tour. In light of this senseless violence, the closing of borders, and international mourning, we can’t continue right now. There is no other way to say it. This is crazy and it sucks. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was hurt or who lost a loved one.

Kamasi Washington: I’m so saddened by what happened in Paris yesterday. I’m dedicating every note I play tonight to those that have lost.

Tori Amos: My heart is now and will always be with the people of Paris

Madonna: We Are All Immigrants #ELLISstory @JR We all bleed the same color……We are all ONE. Pray For Peace! In Paris and all around the World #rebelheart

Beck: Thinking of our Paris friends and family and distraught and heartbroken by the tragic events yesterday. got to spend a summer living several blocks from the Bataclan recording much of the morning phase album and memories of this neighborhood come back- the life, music, color, comraderie, personality, food, families, la nuit de la musique, seeing patti smith walking through place des voges at midnight, and a thousand other ineffable magic happenings in this place like no other. prier pour la paix.

Hugo Race: Last night in Rome…. Second time this tour we finished a show to be informed catastrophe happened nearby while we played – makes it real personal. Music is real personal. That’s why we do it – freedom of expression, freedom to live. Setting up tonight’s show in Cagliari, Sardegna right now, but our thoughts remain caught in the Parisian nightmare. Play on…


Sweethead: It’s taken us some time to try to put into words the emotions we’re feeling over the tragic events that took place in Paris on Friday, but we’ve discovered that there are no words that can describe the sorrow adequately. Fate intertwined our brothers in Eagles Of Death Metal in the madness, and we’re so sorry for what they’ve had to endure and witness for they will never be the same, but our hearts utterly break for all the beautiful souls lost at Le Bataclan. We know from experience what great fans the Eagles have: they are a passionate bunch with boundless energy and joie de vivre. It is unconscionable that they have been taken from us by the cowardly acts of mad men. The world is a dimmer place because their lights have gone out. We are devastated for their friends and families and will keep them in our thoughts eternally.

Patrick Carney: My thoughts are with everyone affected by the attacks that happened yesterday in Paris. I had quite a few friends who were at the Bataclan. One in particular Nick Alexander. He was killed yesterday. He had done quite a bit of touring with us as our European Merch man. He was one of the sweetest most pleasant guys to be around. Sending my love to everyone who knew him and especially his family.


Rob Zombie: So glad our buddies in Eagles of Death Metal are safe. #prayforparis

Fran Healy: Very sad to hear the terrible news about our’s and many others coolest merch guy, Nick. Just horrible. He was a sweet man. X

Dan Auerbach: The Black Keys played the Bataclan almost five years ago to the day … It just really hit home. I know people that were there last night. I know people who are like, ‘What am I gonna do — see the Arcs or the Eagles of Death Metal?’ And I’ve woken up feeling very out of sorts. What do you call it, survivor’s remorse? Why the hell did it happen there and not where we were playing? I’m just so brokenhearted about all those people…

Joey Castillo: As Paris and The world mourn the tragedy that happened last night, I want to say that never in my wildest dreams or nightmares for that matter, would I have ever imagined that something so senseless and horrific would hit that close to home. Though I’m not playing with EODM, I was directly affected like so many others because of the simple fact they are my brothers, my friends, and my family. But im not speaking of just the band and crew, but of the Fans as well. I’ve made a lot friends and met so many more amazing fans and people who’ve constantly shown their love,support over the many years I’ve toured the world. And it breaks my heart like so many others to know so many were lost yesterday. It was sheer hate and cowardice that was displayed by these murderers. They attacked a unexpected innocent crowd of people watching a show basically from Behind, at their most vulnerable. Who does this? Why? It’s not a statement of bravery or standing up for something u believe in…it’s cold blooded murder and execution of innocent people.I pray for all those involved and send nothing but love and condolences to those who sadly lost their lives and or loved ones. Take a moment to realize how short life really is and who and what matters most. Things like this should never happen again. I apologize for the rant,and post, but enough is enough and things have to change.

Alain Johannes: #prayforparis and the world no words deepest sadness.

MGMT: To Everyone: We love France. We love Paris. MGMT are fortunate enough to have played Le Bataclan four times, including three consecutive nights in the fall of 2010.
The people of France and Paris have always loved us back. Grateful isn’t a word that adequately describes our feelings. Three people instrumental in our reaching and loving France were at the Eagles of Death Metal show last night at Le Bataclan: Delphine, our wonderful record label French bulldog, who fought tooth and nail for us to do the things we wanted to do; to be crazy; to go on French TV wearing Thanksgiving costumes with a vat of pudding; who took us to marvelous places in Paris; she was at Le Bataclan. She is okay. Unharmed somehow. Arnaud, part of the pair of French live music promoters who saw us play a show at Glasslands in NYC in 2007 and said “we want to bring you to France”. They did. Arnaud and his partner Pascal placed a big bet on us and we have never forgotten. Arnaud was shot in the chest last night. We have heard he made it to the hospital, had surgery and will survive. And we also just found out Nick Alexander, who was one of the top crew members and merch sellers MGMT has had and one of the nicest guys in rock. He sold merch for us on our two European tours in the Fall of 2010, including those three nights at Le Bataclan. We are crushed to find out Nick is one of the victims of last night’s insanity who didn’t make it. If you have a t-shirt from that tour, wear it proudly to honor Nick. Our thoughts and positive vibes are with anyone who was affected by what happened last night, including our good friend from The Whigs and Eagles Of Death Metal touring drummer Julian Dorio. We make music and play music to help make people happy. It is what every band we’ve ever met wants to do. Happiness, like music, comes in many different forms and styles. But happiness doesn’t come the way we saw last night. We all need to figure out how to make happiness win. Then the Aliens will come back and smile and bring us many amazing gifts. We love you France. We love you Paris.


Kaki KingFriends, In a few hours I leave for the start of a short European tour. Obviously the events in Paris are weighing heavy on the hearts of the world. I feel as though I have very few cogent and intelligent things to say, but I have an abundance of heartbreak and sadness. The fact that music fans were targeted specifically is terrifying and overwhelming. I am confident that all of my shows will be perfectly fine, but I want my audience members to feel a sense of safety and security no matter what. I don’t want you to feel any fear. If you are planning on attending any of the European shows, check in with your friends and with the people sitting or standing next to you. Talk to the venue staff about how the recent shows have been, and if they have been feeling insecure about anything. I will be talking to venue staff prior to all of the shows. If you are feeling nervous and would like to get a message to me, speak to a venue manager and they will find me and we can speak personally. Before the show starts I will come out and give a little talk to make sure we are all feeling good, happy, and safe. It is ok to look for the closest exit. It is ok to have your phone on during the show if you need to text someone. The Neck… performance is fairly low key and pretty, even funny at times, but there is a song towards the end that is loud, distorted, and a bit overwhelming. It is ok to leave during this song. It is ok to do whatever you need to do to feel safe at anytime. What I really want to say is: Fuck the evil murderers who killed those innocent young people. We will go to cafes and concerts and clubs and stadiums every single night to prove that we are unafraid! You can never kill any culture that loves life as much as music fans. Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die!! And it won’t, but during times like these, it is ok to be a little gentle on ourselves. I look forward to seeing you, Kaki.

MetallicaWe had great fortune to work with Thomas Ayad at Universal Music France for the past eight years and while Thomas had the official title of being our “project manager,” we knew him as a member of our Metallica family, a fan, a friend . . . and a warm, helpful, supportive familiar face each time we visited France. Friday we lost Thomas, at the Bataclan theatre, in a way that none of us can begin to comprehend. Our thoughts are with Thomas’ friends, family, co-workers and all Parisians during these very difficult times.

Keith RichardsMy heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Thomas Ayad. Words cannot express the horror of what happened in Paris. I am horrified by the tragic events that took place in Paris last Friday night” – Keith

I Saxon rendono omaggio a Nick Alexander con una maglietta celebrativa.