Ornette Coleman – RIP


Scompare a 85 anni per un arresto cardiaco uno dei giganti della musica di tutti i tempi. Ornette Coleman è deceduto nella sua casa di Manhattan. Randolph Denard Ornette Coleman era nato a Fort Worth in Texas nel 1930. “With the possible exception of Miles Davis, Coleman did more than any other jazz figure of the past half century to change the course of the music. His concept of harmolodics – which dispensed with traditional Western concepts of key and chord structure – opened up jazz to new vistas in sound”.

Nel 2003 dichiarava: “Now I didn’t call the music I was doing ‘free jazz. Someone [at the Atlantic record label] named it that, put a Jackson Pollack painting on it and called it ‘Free Jazz'”.

Nel 2014 era stato pubblicato l’album ‘New Vocabulary‘.

New York Times