Nick Drake: il tributo


Esce il 16 aprile il nuovo tributo a Nick Drake dal titolo ‘Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake’. Ennesimo omaggio ad uno degli artisti più grandi di ogni epoca, attualissimo, influente, imprescindibile. Il disco esce per la StorySound e contiene 15 cover realizzate live (Melbourne e Londra) tra gli altri da Vashti Bunyan, Green Gartside (Scritti Politti), Lisa Hannigan, Danny Thompson e Robyn Hitchcock. ‘Way To Blue’ arriva direttamente dalla serie di concerti dedicati a Drake organizzati dal suo manager/produttore Joe Boyd (“I wanted to avoid those who sound influenced by Nick Drake”).

Over the years, Boyd has explored the possibility of producing an album in tribute to Drake s songwriting. But despite many well-known artists wishing to participate, he always resisted, because it seemed the only practical way to accomplish it would be for each artist to supply a track recorded separately, with their own chosen musicians. Boyd felt that the only way to avoid the pitfalls of the typical Tribute Album would be to have everyone together for a week in a rural studio, backing each other with harmonies and guitar parts, creating an organic whole of an album.


1. Things Behind The Sun – Luluc
2. Place To Be – Scott Matthews
3. Fruit Tree – Green Gartside
4. Poor Boy – Shane Nicholson
5. Time Has Told Me – Krystle Warren
6. Parasite – Robyn Hitchcock
7. One Of These Things First – Danny Thompson & Zoe Rahman
8. Which Will – Vashti Bunyan
9. Black-eyed Dog – Lisa Hannigan
10. Rider On The Wheel – Shane Nicholson
11. River Man – Teddy Thompson
12. Saturday Sun – Luluc & Lisa Hannigan
13. When The Day Is Done – Scott Matthews
14. Fly – Luluc
15. Pink Moon – Teddy Thompson & Krystle Warren