Morrissey: "ho rischiato di morire"


Superati i problemi di salute Morrissey è tornato ad esibirsi in Sud America. Al quotidiano cileno La Tercera racconta la sua brutta esperienza di inizio anno, un faccia a faccia (quasi) con la morte:

“It was terrible. I had played in January in Ohio, and I was perfect, but the next night at the hotel I collapsed. I lost consciousness and when I recovered, I was covered in black blood and did not know what it was. I was taken to a hospital [where doctors] quickly discovered I had an ulcer, Barrett’s esophagus, and then [it] all finished in double pneumonia. I spent over four weeks on a drip, but I refused a blood transfusion. I managed to do some more shows in the US, but when I arrived in Mexico the doctors told me to stop. Not being able to finish the tour was devastating, but doctors warned me: ‘A few weeks ago you almost died, and now you say you’ll do 18 shows more? Are you trying to kill yourself?’ In fact, I think that was what I was doing. Seriously, I did not worry too much, because eventually we all die one day and in my case it would be better to die on stage than on a sofa covered with bread crumbs. Yes, the doctors told me: ‘Do you realise that you are dying?’ But it’s so abstract to hear you do not know what to do. Furthermore, we are all dying, even when we sleep we are dying slowly, but until that happens, you give everything you have. There will be much time to rest, once we get to the grave”.

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