Minor Victories: il nuovo album


Justin Lockey degli Editors, Rachel Goswell degli Slowdive, Stuart Braithwaite dei Mogwai e James Lockey degli Hand Held Cine Club = Minor Victories. Il disco di debutto omonimo è uscito il 3 giugno 2015 via Fat Possum ed è stato anticipato dal corto ‘Film One‘ mentre successivamente sono arrivati ‘A Hundred Ropes’, ‘Film Two‘, ‘Folk Arp‘ e ‘Cogs‘. Reduci dalle due visite italiane (estiva e autunnuale – a breve live report milanese) i Minor Victories annunciano il nuovo album strumentale ‘Orchestral Variations’ nel quale reinterpretano i brani del fortunato esordio. Il disco viene pubblicato per il Black Friday americano (25 novembre) in doppio vinile mentre il 27 gennaio sono attese le altre versioni anche per noi mortali.

Lockey ha dichiarato a riguardo:

“I don’t really know that much about music in terms of theory, notes, scales etc. I generally just fuck about with things until it sounds right to my ear… So I guess to call this album Orchestral Variations, it would have to be in the loosest ever sense of the term. When we were putting together the Minor Victories album, a lot of the music came about through string arrangements, motifs, melodies, countermelodies and other such noodlings I was messing about with. This record kind of takes it back to that initial point, and re-imagines the whole record from that standpoint – the bare bones, the hint at a vocal melody, not relying on any backbeat – but stripping the songs back to the base elements and then piece-by-piece making an entirely new record. It takes the songs and elements around them and the phrases into a new place, mostly born out of hindsight and I guess a curiosity to fuck around with it all long enough until it sounded right to my ear. From all that an entirely new record was formed. It’s not a remix album, or b-sides…it’s just another way at looking/hearing things”.