Mick KARN – R.I.P.


Il 4 giugno scorso era arrivata la triste notizia, Mick Karn rivelava di avere un tumore terminale (leggi), cercando in maniera commovente aiuto per la moglie ed il figlio. Ma Mick Karn non ce l’ha fatta. E’ morto ieri a Londra all’età di 52 anni come viene annunciato sul sito ufficiale: “It’s with profound sadness that we have to inform you that Mick finally lost his battle with cancer and passed away peacefully at 4:30 PM today, 4th January 2011, at home in Chelsea, London. He was surrounded by his family and friends and will be deeply missed by all”. Straordinario musicista dotato di enorme talento, scultore e fotografo, Karn oltre ai Japan aveva legato il suo nome al progetto Dalis Car con Peter Murphy, a quello NiNa insieme ad un gruppo di musicisti giapponesi, oltre a collaborare tra i tanti con Gary Numan, Kate Bush e Joan Armatrading. Andonis Michaelides (questo il vero nome) era nato a Cipro il 24 luglio 1958.

John Taylor dei Duran Duran lo ricorda così:

“It is with great sadness we read of the passing away of Mick Karn, Japan bassist and super-sideman, one of the great visual and sound stylists of the late-seventies/early-eighties. Nick and I first saw Japan at Barbarellas in Birmingham on their ‘Obscure Alternatives’ tour and were blown away. They were so fresh, while every other band in town were tripping over each other in a rush to play the same three chords, Japan were brave in many ways. When I think back to that night the image that first comes to mind first is beautiful Mick, red hair and Ibanez bass, shaved eyebrows and ballet shoes, shuffling around the floor like a docile robot, playing also with great beauty and verve, punching delicate holes in the fabric of the songs; in Mick Karn’s basslines no notes were ever wasted. It is a great tragedy to me that the members of Japan were never able to quite get over themselves and find a way to work again together, as Japan. The Rain Tree Crow episode was a disaster, more-so if the rumors about David were true, changing his mind about calling the project Japan, once the album had been started and he held all the cards. I did not follow Mick’s work past Dali’s Car, but got to speak to him last year as we both made contributions to the David Bowie tribute, ‘We Were So Turned On’. We made tentative plans to meet in London, and Duran discussed Mick contributing to ‘All You Need is Now’. It never happened. Mick changed my life in a good way, ‘Quiet Life’ and ‘Gentlemen Take Polaroids’, ‘Adolescent Sex’ and ‘Tin Drum’ are amongst the best recordings made during the post-punk era in my view. Mick’s sax playing also was always interesting. He shall be missed”.