Mick GREEN – R.I.P.


E’ morto l’11 gennaio il chitarrista inglese Michael Robert Green. Malato di cuore aveva 65 anni. Uno dei primi lead guitarist della British Invasion, influenza anche per Pete Townshend, inizia nei Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (che lo ricordano così: “To the World of Music he was a guitar magician – hero worshipped by fans right around the globe, emulated by top names in the business, but equalled by none”) prima di prestare la sua preziosa opera per Bryan Ferry, Van Morrison e Paul McCartney. Il figlio Brad ha annunciato così la sua scomparsa: “It is with the greatest of sorrow that I have to inform you all that my father, Mick Green, has this morning passed away. My dad will be deeply missed by his family, friends and fans all around the world. He inspired and dazzled with his amazing talent and his sharp personality and wit. His spirit and his music will continue to live on through his music. Thank you all for your support and thoughts”.