Maynard James Keenan vs Trump


In una recente intervista rilasciata a The Skinny, Maynard Keenan si sofferma anche sulla “questione” Donald Trump usando parole decisamente molto chiare: “Here’s the thing, I’m Italian and I’m Irish. The Italian side of me is the wine and food making family man; the Irish side is the shit-talking, ‘comedy first, always’ side. So I’m very divided. Because all the fuckin’ awesome jokes that are gonna come out if Trump leads the US the humour, the tragedy and the awful stuff that’s gonna happen is gonna be fodder for comedians for decades. And the end of the United States. Of course, the practical side of me thinks, ‘I’ve seen this before; I think it’s called Germany, 1938.’ Idiocracy is no longer a comedy, it’s a documentary. Idiocracy is where we are”.

Il 7 giugno intanto i Puscifer saranno in Italia.