Mark Gardener & Robin Guthrie: l'album


Quasi due anni e mezzo fa qualcuno forse si ricorderà che Mark Gardener (Ride) e l’ex-Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie (e se fosse “ex” ancora per poco?) avevano collaborato insieme per il singolo ‘The Places We Go’ edito online dalla Soleil Après Minuit. Qualche mese dopo arrivava la conferma del debutto discografico del duo. Gardener raccontava a proposito: “We thought we’d write some more songs. It was happening quite quickly and effortlessly, and we realized that if I stayed on for another couple of weeks we could essentially have an album. So, I did. Robin’s able to make beautiful sounds with everything that he touches. He has this great sound about him and what he does. I think, obviously, what he didn’t have around him for a while was a vocalist. It’s been interesting to him, and to myself, to work together. We have a mutual respect for each other”. Quindi ammetteva (ancora una volta) di essere un fan dei Cocteau Twins sin dai tempi dei meravigliosi Ride: “The Cocteau Twins, people like that, and Dead Can Dance, some of the 4AD music at the time, that was stuff we were all inspired by. We all passed it around and would listen to it, even though it didn’t really sound like Ride at all. Certainly The Cocteau Twins was something we all loved. I’m now doing a record with Robin Guthrie, so it’s all come full circle”.

Gennaio – Siamo al 2015 e finalmente è tutto deciso: “New Robin Guthrie and Mark Gardener album ‘Universal Road’ will be released in March 2015 ! X”.

UPDATE – Il disco esce il 24 marzo via Darla Records. Dieci brani che non includono ‘The Places We Go’.