Mark E. Smith – RIP


Una scomparsa di quelle dolorose. Scompare a 60 anni Mark Edward Smith leader leggendario dei Fall. A darne notizia sul sito ufficiale della band la manager Pam Van Damned: “It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Mark E. Smith. He passed this morning at home. A more detailed statement will follow in the next few days. In the meantime, Pam & Mark’s family request privacy at this sad time”. Ad agosto 2017 era stato ricoverato per “bizarre and rare medical issues” e le sue ultime apparizioni live le aveva fatte stoicamente seduto su una sedia a rotelle. Smith forma i Fall nel 1976, nel 1983 sposa la chitarrista Brix Smith dalla quale divorzierà nel 1989. Seguono altri due matrimoni con Saffron PriorEleni Poulou (2001). Alla lunghissima discografia dei Fall e a una serie consistente di collaborazioni, si aggiungono anche due spoken word album a suo nome ‘The Post-Nearly Man’ del 1998 e ‘Pander! Panda! Panzer!’ del 2002.

Brix SmithI’m taking the news in right now. I will put a statement out tomorrow. I hope you will all understand. Thank you for your lovely messages, they mean a lot. I love you, Brix

Win ButlerBlasting the Fall today. Wish more artist were as true to themselves! RIP Mark E.

Cedric Bixler ZavalaMark E Smith will always be one of the pillars of influence for me as lyricist and trouble maker. I’ve built trust in people based on wether they owned and actually loved Fall records. Thanks 4 making rock literary, and mischievous. RIP.

Graham CoxonAh mannnn! Give me the lead!!!!bye, mark, and thanks!

Andy BellR.I.P. Mark E. Smith and thanks for the music

Damian AbrahamRIP to one of the most difficult, problematic, geniuses punk ever produced, Mark E Smith, and I hope everyone he hurt and abused over the years is able to find peace some as well.

Billy BraggFirst we lost Ursula Le Guin, then Hugh Masekela, now Mark E Smith. Been a tough week for cultural icons.

Greg DulliSaw The Fall 3 times. Always unpredictable and exciting. Nobody like Mr. Smith. RIP.

Mark LaneganFuck Man. RIP Mark E Smith

Peter HookMark, me old mucker… you will be sorely missed! The North will rise again! RIP. Love Hooky x

Mike Wattcrimony… we lost brother mark

GorillazGod help us. RIP Mark E Smith

Liam GallagherMark E.Smith R.I.P.

Carl NewmanThere will never be another The Fall or Mark E Smith.

Cloud Nothingsmark e smith and the fall changed the way i thought about music. the least he and the various theys deserve is a tweet recognizing that. rip to a genius eternal.

David J HaskinsRIP Mark E. Smith. Genius! I toured with him when I was a member of The Jazz Butcher back in the ‘80’s after he requested that we open for The Fall and he could not have been more genial. Hilarious too! A true original.

SuperchunkSad news! There’s never been anyone like Mark E. Smith or The Fall. RIP

The Van PeltThank you Mark

Edgar WrightAlas, the great Mark E Smith has passed away. Not merely a legend of indie music, but someone who, for me, was a gateway into that very genre. Will be blasting the A Sides album all week now. The Fall are no more, long live the Fall!

Tim Burgess > So so sad to hear that we’ve lost Mark E Smith. A true uncompromising musical maverick. A genius, a curmudgeon and someone whose company it was an honour to share. So long M.E.S x x x

Kid Congo PowersSad to see you go Mark E. Smith. One of the all time music greats. We had some fun. It was a privilege to have known you for a bit. ALL HAIL! ….

Liz Phair“Every man hates what he has to deny-uh. Especially I-uh. Especially I-uh!”

Chain and the GangRespect to the architect Mark E Smith

Eleanor FriedbergerI’m grateful for seeing The Fall twice; the first time was awful and the second was so good. And thanks to my brother for having all those records and getting me to sing “Winter” when I didn’t know how I could possibly inhabit such a role.

The Pastels > I never met Mark E Smith but I admired him, maybe fleetingly rather than obsessively. Somehow he kept his intrigue, kept his magic. Bought many Fall records at different times and loved the repetition. Thanks for the lesson, this is from my school days

Stuart Murdoch > The only thing I heard was that we “were shit”. In good company then! (he bought Sinister for his sister in ‘97 though)

GarbageMark E Smith. We will never forget you coming to see us play. Especially when you said watching us play was like watching paint dry. RIP

Doug GillardRest in pubs, the great Mark E. Smith. Friends & I were influenced by various sounds & songs of The Fall since early 80s. He helped make repetition sound appealing & penned some of the most interesting lyrics & titles. One of a kind.

Starsthere will never ever ever be another mark e. smith. listen to the fall, read about his work and life, and decide to make something of your own. and make sure it’s a beautiful disaster. love and thoughts to all the northerners who lost their pope today.

Jehnny BethOne of my greatest musical inspirations growing up has left us today. Mark E Smith of The Fall. Remembering one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Thank you. RIP