Mark Bell – RIP


Il drammatico annuncio sul sito della Warp: “It’s with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Mark Bell of LFO who died last week from complications after an operation. Mark’s family & friends request privacy at this difficult time”. Scompare Mark Bell dagli inizi degli anni ’90 metà dei LFO (“one of the most important of the ‘bleep-n-bass’ acts to emerge from the North of England in the early 1990s”) e celebre produttore per molti album di Bjork (a partire da ‘Homogenic’), per ‘Exciter’ dei Depeche Mode e per l’omonimo dei Deltron 3030. Via Twitter Bjork lo ha ricordato così: “lfo – love is the message” postando il video di ‘Love Is The Message’. Erol Alkan invece: “Deeply saddened to read that Mark Bell from LFO has passed away. I had the pleasure of finally meeting him earlier this year after years of speaking online. He remains one of my favourite electronic producers of all time, as well as being an inspiration on a personal level. I first heard LFO back in 1990 on pirate radio. It quite literally changed everything for me.”