Lou Rhodes: il nuovo album


“Thinking of Prince today I’m struck with, rather than sadness, a deep joy that someone of his intense musical vision was around at all . We all die after all. This momentary life is the miracle we so often forget to remark upon…”. Dal toccante pensiero su Prince al nuovo album. Il 22 luglio via Nude esce infatti ‘theyesandeye’ il quarto lavoro solista della “voce” dei Lamb Lou Rhodes che racconta: “I had a bunch of songs but I wasn’t sure which way to go with them. I had a gut feeling I wanted to experiment with a slightly psychedelic feel and, by chance, met up with Simon Byrt (the album’s co-producer) in a friend’s studio. It turned out that he has a strange passion for vintage spring and tape echoes and, before long, we’d decided to make a record together”. Il primo brano in ascolto è ‘All The Birds‘.