Leonard Cohen – RIP


Con le lacrime agli occhi diamo notizia della scomparsa all’età di 82 anni di Leonard Norman Cohen uno degli ultimi grandi della nostra epoca. Poeta, compositore, scrittore, cantante, musicista, cantautore, un autentico gigante che era appena tornato con il testamentario ultimo album ‘You Want It Darker’ (uscito a fine ottobre e quattrodicesimo di una serie imprescindibile). Cohen era nato nel Quebec nel 1934 e nel 1967 aveva debuttato con ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’ (dieci anni prima era avvenuto invece l’esordio letterario). Dall’unione sentimentale con Suzanne Elrod agli inizi degli anni ’70 nascono i figli Adam e Lorca. Il maestro è deceduto alle 18:20 del 10 novembre a Los Angeles. Le cause della morte non sono state comunicate.

It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away. We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries. A memorial will take place in Los Angeles at a later date. The family requests privacy during their time of grief.

My father passed away peacefully at his home in Los Angeles with the knowledge that he had completed what he felt was one of his greatest records. He was writing up until his last moments with his unique brand of humor (Adam Cohen)

Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld/So I can sigh eternally (Kurt Cobain)

UPDATE – Svelate le cause della morte: “Leonard Cohen died during his sleep following a fall in the middle of the night on 7 November,” Kory said. The death was sudden, unexpected and peaceful”.

John Cale – very upsetting news 2 learn of Leonard’s passing. the world has 1 less gentle soul tnight. we thank u 4 the multitude of gifts u left us. jc

Lykke Li – Omg no you are my absolute favorite poet. Only yesterday I played your songs and I thought

Rachel Goswell – Not sure this year has the capacity to get any shitter. Leonard Cohen what a huge gift you gave to the world. RIP

Tanya Donelly – NO

Mark Lanegan – Leonard Cohen NO

Beck – So long Leonard, thank you for your words, your songs, your life– a gentleman a master a hero– thank you for looking so deeply, for sharing your time giving us your finely wrought diamonds, for lighting the dark corners where the soul lives, for translating the otherness we recognize but fail to express, tonight we celebrate you and send you our gratitude x

Sharon Van Etten – RIP Leonard Cohen

David Pajo – 2016… what the fuck

Kate Hudson – Love you Leonard

The Warlocks – RIP LC

Lee Ranaldo – Another black mark on a shitty week. So sad t hear of L Cohen’s passing. Songs of Love and Hate was the first of many of his records that changed my perspectives and therefore my life. What a grand and glorious career.

Michael Des Barres – Yet another leader among men who changed us. The trinity of Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen. The great poet, buddhist, singer/ songwriter has passed..He elevated my life.. Long may his soul whisper the truth.. RIP

Juno Temple – Thank you for being you

Blondie – RIP

Troy Van Leeuwen – “You wanted it darker”

Soko The Cat – You made me feel less lonely. My favorite poet, the one who made me want to pick up a guitar 12 years ago. It’s like losing the most precious teacher : of life, of music. he taught me melodies and the weight of words and how to use them in a meaningful way. I feel your pain and heart and soul and thank you for all the gifts and lessons

Michael Stipe – El Cohen sincerely

Queens Of The Stone Age – RIP Leonard Cohen. In the farewell year, another farewell tear

Karen O – Blue rose for Leonard

Elliphant – Most of u dont know this about Me but i dont really like musicians … When i grew up i had a mother who i felt loved music more then she loved Me so i started hating it cos it took her away from Me n Ma sister and we had noise 24/7 in our house .. Al these rock stars felt so silly to Me with there big egos and cool personas, fashion clothes and hairstyles …, i always loved art but in a more honest paradox form and al this music stars where to complicated to make sense to Me.. They just couldnt reach My little heart,, and then when i grew a little older The pop music came in to My life and took al My friends away cos i just couldnt find it in Me to Love spice girls or backstreet boys and be a fan with the others.. Music has left Me very lonely like a Alien in this life and it still does in a way.. Am sure one day i make music that me My self would buy but am not there yet, But dont get Me wrong though!! The fact that I reach some of u out there with my music in a way no commercial artist have ever reached me is making me feel apart of this world and am forever grateful. My first favorite album was #cornelis a Swedish artist, then I fell in love with deep forest #deepforestboheme I have always loved cheb khaled to… And then one day I heard famous blue raincoat with #leonardcohen and it was the most beautiful song I ever heard in English.. I am very sad today.

Courtney Love – Goodbye old friend, demon cleanser, touchstone, my inspiration on everything I have ever done – I am crying for you tonight in your native land. I want to know you’re happy where you’ve landed and save me a spot next to you please.(and Kurt) I love you Leonard. I love you so much. I’m sorry I never got to tell you. Rest in peace and exultation. Xxxxx

Sky Ferreira – And she shows you where to look. Among the garbage and flowers

Justin Trudeau – No other artist’s music felt or sounded like Leonard Cohen’s. Yet his work resonated across generations. Canada and the world will miss him

 Justin Timberlake – A spirit and soul beyond compare.

Alanis Morissette – Leonard Cohen

Jennifer Hudson – RIP Leonard Cohen. Thank you for you dedication to music, & writing one of my favorite songs to sing “Hallelujah”

Pentatonix – We are heartbroken over the passing of Leonard Cohen. Thank you for your beautiful music

Q Tip – RIP Leonard Cohen

Benjamin Folds – Kids. Take a moment to listen to Leonard Cohen’s song Going Home when you can. RIP L Cohen and thank you.

Carole King – R.I.P. Leonard Cohen

Regina Spektor – Such sad news…The great Leonard Cohen has passed away. Thank’s for what your music has done for humanity… Kindness, love, beauty, poetry

Pussy Riot – noooo Leonard Cohen

Bette Midler – Leonard Cohen has died. Another magical voice stilled.

Sean Lennon – Leonard Cohen R.I.P. 2016 now officially one of the saddest years

Russell Crowe – Dear Leonard Cohen, thanks for the quiet nights, the reflection, the perspective, the wry smiles and the truth

Nancy Sinatra – One of the best ever. So sad. Rest with the angels, Leonard, Hallelujah

OneRepublic – R.I.P Leonard Cohen. U are without a doubt one of the greatest songs writers of any generation. THANK YOU for your life.

Paul Stanley – RIP Leonard Cohen. A poet, songwriter and rogue till the end. Hallelujah.

Slash – RIP

Okkervil River – Leonard Cohen was a beautiful soul. All of us, artists or non, should aspire to his sublimely high degree of graciousness, depth and wisdom.

Kiefer Sutherland – A brilliant Canadian artist passed today. Leonard Cohen, rest in peace. Hallelujah.

Rosanne Cash – Leonard Cohen is dead. There’s a crack in everything. No light yet

Zane Lowe – ‘The songwriter’s songwriter’. Another brave and incredible artist passes. Thank you Leonard Cohen.

Marc Maron – RIP Leonard Cohen. He got out just in time.

Moby – Dear God, no. The darkness just got so much darker. Such a beautiful man, such a beautiful soul. Please rest in peace, Leonard.

Emily Ratajkowski – The world feels lost right about now

Jeff Buckley Music – RIP Leonard

Molly Ringwald – Leonard Cohen gone? I didn’t think this week could get any worse

Ron Howard – One of my favorite singer-poets

Dita Von Teese – Sad to hear we’ve lost the great poet Leonard Cohen. I was such a huge fan. He had the most sensual male voice of all time.

Rob Thomas – R.I.P. Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah to the bar of songwriting.

Robert B. Kory (manager) – Unmatched in his creativity, insight, and crippling candor, Leonard Cohen was a true visionary whose voice will be sorely missed. I was blessed to call him a friend, and for me to serve that bold artistic spirit first hand, was a privilege and great gift. He leaves behind a legacy of work that will bring insight, inspiration, and healing for generations to come

Win Butler – Next year can only be better. Seeing Leonard Cohen walking on St Laurent street when I was 21 was enough to make me feel like I had a home

The Darcys – RIP Leonard Cohen. 2016 has been quite the year.

Waxahatchee – bad bad news keeps coming


HEALTH – Guess Leonard Cohen figured there was no reason to stick around for this horseshit. One of the last true legends. RIP.

Car Seat Headrest – R.I.P. my favorite singing millionaire

Rich Aucoin – This artist was one of 4 we had in the car growing up and seeing him in 2009 was one of the best shows I’ve been to. Thanks for the music

Jehnny Beth – One of my absolute favourite poet. Long live his words. Relevant to the end. RIP

The Mountain Goats – Leonard Cohen standing before the Lord of Song making good on his promise no doubt. Every songwriter I know in awe of him. His songs endure.

Owen Pallett – L. Cohen, very few people could claim to have lived as rich and meaningful a life as yours

Questlove – Dog…*sigh* all due respect to the gawd

Ezra Koenig – Leonard Cohen, what a guy
– first album at 33
– dropped “Hallelujah” at 50
– first arena shows in his 70s
He did it til the end. RIP

Tom Morello – RIP Leonard Cohen. One of the greatest, deepest and wisest to ever bless us with his songs.

Best Coast – Oh man. RIP Leonard Cohen. Thank you for the most beautiful song ever written

The So So Glos – Not Leonard Cohen. Not now

Colin Meloy – RIP Field Commander Cohen.

Dawes – RIP Leonard Cohen. Thanks for always finding the sacred in the profane and the profane in the sacred

Asia Argento – RIP

Miley Cyrus – Miss you already LC! Love you always! (PS I think you’ll be very proud this Monday… ❤️)

Jamie Hewlett – Goodby Leonard Cohen

Nick Cave – 1/2 For many of us Leonard Cohen was the greatest songwriter of them all. Utterly unique and impossible to imitate… no matter how hard we tried. He will be deeply missed by so many. – Nick Cave

Mark Knopfler – So sad to hear of the passing of Leonard Cohen – thank you for so many years of music and for your enormous…

Pixie Geldof – “But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey. Goodbye old friend. Endless love, see you down the road.” So long Leonard, the man who always found the most beautiful words.

Florence Welch – Oh my heart…

Tess Parks – Having a smoke with leonard…

Dennis Lyxzen – Rest in peace! To age with such style. To go all the way. To continue to be so great. Such inspiration for someone like me!


Laura Marling – Leonard, I pay forward all the stuff you gave me. Safe travels

Anton Newcombe – Rip Leonard Cohen you were very important to me and much respected

Carl Barat – Aw not Leonard too …

Corin Tucker – And even though it all went wrong, I’ll stand before the Lord of song, with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah. – Leonard Cohen

Josh Groban – One of the best concerts of my life. Could hear a pin drop. The poetry & the reverence. Waiting for every precious word. RIP Leonard Cohen.

Bat For Lashes – “Yes, and thank you for the trouble you took from her eyes, I thought it was there for good, so I never tried…”. I have loved you most of my life for this lyric and so many more Leonard. What a contribution you made.

Alison Mosshart – Farewell Leonard. Your incredible work will move us always. xxx

Rufus Wainwright – I would have liked to have had more time to ask him more questions, and certainly now in this pathetic dinghy, adrift in a violent sea, we all need help in maneuvering a truly busted rudder through a series of magnificent typhoons. But it’s ok, it’s all in the music. Farewell Leonard, we need you now up there as much as we did down here.  Love always, Rufus.

MIKA – Leonard Cohen, Oh god. What a brilliant brilliant writer and artist. One of the finest song poets ever. In line with Goethe and Dillon

Cat Stevens – The fragileness of life has been once again exposed with the passing on of Leonard Cohen. May God grant him peace… forever.

THE THE – I was lucky enough to have dinner with #LeonardCohen when I was a young songwriter of 22. He gave some great advice. RIP x