Laura KENNEDY – R.I.P.


E’ morta lunedì mattina (14 novembre) la bassista e co-fondatrice degli splendidi Bush Tetras. Laura Kennedy era nata a Cleveland e a metà anni ’70 si trasferisce nella “grande mela” che di lì a poco la vedrà protagonista di un’avventura eccezionale. Dodici anni fa si era quindi trasferita con la sua compagna a Minneapolis ma aveva contratto l’Epatite C venti anni fa proprio quando viveva e suonava a New York. Nel 2008 aveva subito un trapianto di fegato e proprio per aiutarla a sostenere le enormi spese mediche, i Bush Tetras nel 2009 si erano riformati eccezionalmente a NY (a 25 anni dall’ultima apparizione live) per raccogliere i fondi necessari anche grazie all’aiuto dei colleghi David Thomas (Pere Ubu) e Suicide Commandos.

“Bush Tetras were one of the first female punk bands to gain notoreity in that era, and Kennedy’s bass playing can be heard providing a creeping counter melody to Pat Place’s angular guitar riffs in their best-known hit, 1980’s ‘Too Many Creeps'”. (guarda video)

Richard Lloyd (Television): “Another sorrow and loss as Laura Kennedy, formerly of the Bush tetras and other early NY bands, died in Minneapolis this afternoon. She was a bright light to those who knew here and will be sorely missed. She had been ill for a long time and was counting each new day as a blessing to be experienced fully. That we should always remember that we too, never know from whence or when our own end on this realm shall come, we should experience each new breath as a blessing not of our own making, and while sending Laura our blessings and prayers, live more vividly, setting aside a little of that life to her. One marvelous woman has passed to the next phase”.

Thurston Moore: “I remember seeing Laura jump up with her bass in some kind of rock ‘n’ roll move (which no No Wave person would ever do) and it forever blowing my mind. I saw her as the coolest girl ever at that point. She certainly remains that way in my consciousness”.