Kristin Kontrol: torna Dee Dee (Dum Dum Girls)


Col suo vero nome: Kristin (Welchez). Kristin Kontrol per la precisione. La nuova vita artistica della testa delle Dum Dum Girls. “A mesmeric combination of new wave, R&B, synth pop, and krautrock, it’s a wink to heroes from the past, a nod to contemporaries, and a bold “solo” dive into the future”. L’artista americana spiega: “The music is so different from anything I’ve ever done – I felt compelled to shed the alter-ego instead of trying to morph Dum Dum Girls into something else. I didn’t want to mess with that legacy”. Il disco d’esordio si chiama ‘X-Communicate’ e sarà fuori il 27 maggio via Sub Pop con la produzione di Kurt Feldman e Andrew Miller. La protagonista, ispirata dichiaratamente a Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Janet Jackson e Madonna, racconta: “For me as leader of Dum Dum Girls it felt very stoic and serious, and I am serious, but anyone who really knows me knows I’m silly, too; I smile a lot. As the years went on, it was so weird that I kept so much of me out of what I was doing creatively”. Ascolta ‘X-Communicate‘.