Kimya Dawson: il ritorno


Avevamo perso le tracce della 45enne newyorkese nel 2013 quando veniva pubblicato ‘Hokey Fright’ unico album nato dalla collaborazione con Aesop Rock a nome The Uncluded. Due anni prima Kimya Dawson aveva invece continuato a griffare la sua carriera solista con il settimo ‘Thunder Thighs’. La cantautrice ex-The Moldy Peaches (successivamente vista anche con i progetti Antsy Pants e The Bundles) schedula il suo ritorno live con alcune date a New York in luglio e allora val la pena ricordare il brano ‘Cyclone‘ che aveva regalato qualche mese fa forse preludio a un nuovo album.

I was made to promise I would never release this song and made to believe that I was a horrible person for even writing it. I was told that other new songs of mine should be changed or not released too, by someone who saw themselves reflected in my words and said that if I wrote about them, even if it was positive, it would ruin my music for them – and how could I do that to my number 1 fan? That, and what the song is about, is a huge part of why I haven’t released a solo album in over 6 years. My everything used to be based on shameless, bold and unapologetic truth and love. MY messy truth – all cards face up on the table. But it became about secrecy, lies, and feeling controlled, manipulated, and diminished. Here’s to a new year and attempting to dig my strong, honest, and whole self out of the rubble. Find the bits. And dust them off. And fit them back together. Until I have something I can recognize.
Love to you all.
Love, light, and strength.
❤ Kimya