Julian Cope: il nuovo album


Il guru, il maestro, il professore, lo studioso, il musicista. Julian Cope è tutto questo e tanto tanto di più. A quasi tre anni dalla collaborazione con Stephen O’Malley e Holy McGrail (parte di soundtrack del romanzo “One Three One”) e reduce dalla celebrazione personale con la raccolta ‘Trip Advizer-The Very Best Of Julian Cope 1999-2014’, il 60enne artista britannico torna con il seguito di ‘Drunken Songs’ pubblicato nel 2017. Si tratta del rivampato progetto Skellington:

Welcome to the strange world of 2018, its weather and its global challenges. And welcome back, please, to the world of SKELLINGTON. What the? Yes, SKELLINGTON 3. In February 2018, Julian Cope resuscitated his long dormant Skellington project with the recording of 12 brand new songs. Each one was captured in that loose, quick-fire Skellington style: bucolic ditties, muscular adventures, moderne interactions, tipsy interludes, even classy rock’n’roll of the post-punk persuasion.

So what makes SKELLINGTON 3 a worthy successor to those previously released? Everything! For Cope has utilized the considerable experience gained from constructing those previous albums, and he has harnessed the studio time with the skill of a micro-manager! Oh yeah, and daubing his Mellotron 400 over everything – 25 years on, that’s one little addition that was unavailable to him Back In The Day. So it’s Acid Campfire with Mellotron, kiddies. Occasionally humorous, never timorous, ALWAYS sumptuous!