Joy Division/New Order: salvati dalla spazzatura dei lost tapes!


Una foto postata sul proprio profilo Facebook ed un messaggio che ne racconta la storia. Protagonisti sono dei tape dimenticati, salvati dalla spazzatura, delle boxes contenenti outtakes anche di ‘Unknown Pleasures’. Tutto questo e’ stato possibile grazie alla cura di Julia Adamson, assistente di Martin Hannett negli anni ’70 e ’80. La Adamson nel suo messaggio spiega che Peter Hook si è detto non interessato al materiale. Ecco il testo integrale:

“He’s not a happy bunny. Tried the other band members, too, to no avail, and the record companies… I have looked after these tapes for a long time and when I approached the artists (who were my first port of call) I was subjected to accusations and abuse… so I don’t really care anymore. I know they are worth something to a collector… and good luck to them. The quality of Unknown Pleasures far surpasses the mastering from vinyl over the years (they lost the master tapes long ago… these are copy masters… and outtakes… that I assure you are quite splendid).”

E ancora: “I am keen for a collector to have them (the whole collection ideally) as they are very old and probably deteriorating and should be baked or whatever, nor do I really want to look after them anymore.”