Josh Homme sulla reunion dei Kyuss


Proprio mentre si festeggiano i 25 anni del capitolo finale della magnifica storia dei Kyuss – ‘ …And the Circus Leaves Town’ – Josh Homme torna sull’argomento reunion intervistato a Kyuss World Radio, ricordando la disputa legale tra lui e Scott Reeder contro il “progetto” Kyuss Lives! (ovverosia John Garcia e Brant Bjork) andata in scena nel 2010 e che costrinse gli ex-compari a cambiare nome in Vista Chino.

My philosophy has always been, never do a reunion, never do a sequel. It’s not what it was; it’s what it is. And that’s kind of how I’ve felt. A legacy that involves having been at the epicentre of a scene that got created, it’s so fragile; it’s like an ice sculpture. And I don’t wanna be a blow dryer on that thing. That being said, I was in full support of Kyuss Lives! and I would go to the shows and I told them as much, until what [Brant Bjork] and, unfortunately, what [John Garcia] tried to do. And that was terrible”.

“To be honest with you, and to answer your question, there have been times I thought it cannot end that way, and the only real way to end it correctly now would be to play. And because they sort of perverted the punctuation and they knocked the wing off this beautiful dragon that’s an ice sculpture, and the only way to put the motherfucking wing back on would be to [play again]”.

“Especially in the last few years… and even to make up for that mistake of Brant and, unfortunately, John, to make up for it. [I thought we should] play and give all the money away. Like, play for the fans — cover your costs and make it five bucks. Figure out a way to be, like, this is how the punctuation will end the sentence of this band. Because it was never about money — it never was about money. It never was about fame, and when it felt like that was the move they were making, I was so sad“.