UPDATE > Josh Homme: ordine restrittivo verso i figli!


La notizia viene battuta dal TMZ: “The children of Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme are seeking protection against him because he’s “scary,” yells at their mother and drinks and drives with them in the car … according to new legal docs”. Si tratta di Orrin (10 anni) e di Wolf (5 anni). “Filed for domestic violence restraining orders against him through their mom, Brody Dalle, alleging they are scared he is going to hurt them. According to the request filed in court… Orrin claims there was a recent incident where Homme grabbed his private parts, and he also alleges his father drinks alcohol while his kids are in the car with him. Orrin also accuses Homme of physical abuse, such as flicking his ears, hitting his head, poking his chest and throwing things at him while calling him fat and allegedly making threats about murdering Brody’s boyfriend”. Dall’entourage di Josh Homme fanno sapere che: “Ms. Dalle has previously brought these claims to the police, DCFS, and the presiding judge of the family law court, all of whom have declined to take any action based upon these spurious claims”. La coppia è divorziata dal dicembre 2019.

UPDATE > Dopo un primo aggiornamento riguardo l’ordine restrittivo allargato anche alla figlia Camille (15 anni) ecco l’ultimo update ufficiale:

Two judges (one in downtown Los Angeles and one in Santa Monica) have denied the request for restraining orders. However, the request for restraining orders can be heard at the Sept. 13 court date. Following the denial, Homme’s attorney, Susan Wiesner gave a new statement, saying, “The allegations made by Ms. Dalle against Mr. Homme are categorically false. In order to protect the children, we will not be making any further statements.”