John Lydon sulla morte di Sid Vicious


John Lydon sabato scorso è intervenuto al Cheltenham Literature Festival per presentare la sua autobiografia “Anger Is An Energy: My Life Uncensored“. Tra i vari argomenti di discussione anche quello inerente la morte di Sid Vicious. Lydon sulla prematura scomparsa del suo ex-compagno dice: He didn’t stand a chance. His mother was a heroin addict. I feel bad that I brought him into the band, he couldn’t cope at all. I feel a bit responsible for his death. There you are, I have confessed my demons. Sul libro aggiunge: “This is a story of my childhood and The Johnny Rotten and not the one invented by Malcolm McLaren…. My parents had to be cruel to be kind as there was a fear I would be institutionalised. Afterwards the nuns at school started calling me dummy dumb, dumb, as I had forgotten how to read and do maths”. Poi si sofferma sulla politica: “Who are UKIP? They look like a dodgy collection of the other turkeys? Don’t listen to Russell Brand, if you don’t vote you don’t count…”. Non manca anche una domanda sui suoi famigerati denti: “I never used a toothbrush as a kid and only saw my dad using a brush to get the muck off his boots. My teeth and gums were so bad they almost killed me. I have spent a small fortune on reconstructive surgery for my choppers!”. E infine sul nuovo album a cui l’artista inglese sta lavorando: “I have not written my perfect song yet – I will keep striving as life is about learning”.