John Fry – RIP


Una settimana dopo la scomparsa del suo “partner” John Hampton, muore a 69 anni John Fry, fondatore e proprietario degli storici Ardent Studios di Memphis. 48 anni di passione e innovazione messi al servizio di band come Big Star (Fry è il mentore e il produttore, attraverso la Ardent Records distribuita dalla Stax), ZZ Top, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, The White Stripes giusto per citarne alcuni. Jody Stephens (Big Star) lo ricorda così: “He would open the doors to people wanting to start that adventure. It was a place and John was a person who could help you make your dreams come true. He opened the doors to us 17-18 year olds in Big Star, and taught us to engineer. That enabled us to explore on our own. He was a mentor. He was the catalyst for so much”. Mentre Al Bell della Stax: “We should celebrate him; he brought a lot into the Memphis music environment socially, economically and culturally. John Fry did that. John Fry did all that”.