Jerry FUCHS – R.I.P.


Tragica fine per il 34enne batterista Jerry Fuchs. Musicista visto all’opera per !!! (suona in ‘Myth Takes’), The Juan McLean (membro della live band), Turing Machine e soprattutto per i georgiani Maserati (lo troviamo negli ultimi due album). Fuchs è morto domenica (9 novembre) alle prime luci dell’alba. Sabato sera era assieme ad un amico quando l’ascensore dentro il quale si trovavano si è improvvisamente fermato fra due piani. I due hanno provato ad aprire le porte per uscire fuori e saltare nell’altro piano. L’amico è riuscito ad arrivare a destinazione mentre Fuchs è precipitato giù. (“It’s a manual freight elevator, and it stopped somewhere above the fifth floor”). Fuchs è deceduto al Bellevue Hospital alle 3 e 30 del mattino. Nel 2005 la fatalità ha voluto che i Maserati perdessero un altro batterista, Mikel Gius, morto investito mentre si trovava in bicicletta su una via di Sacramento.

Juan McLean: “Jerry was one of my best and most loyal friends. He was hands-down the best drummer I have ever played with or seen for that matter.”

Maserati: “We are humbled to have been able to create music with you for all these years, Jerry. You will be missed more than words can express. We love you, bro”.

Da Chunklet, rivista di graphic design con la quale collaborava: “Jerry Fuchs, drummer extraordinaire, illustrator par excellence, Chunklet contributor and rock solid friend, died last night. I’m still awaiting to get more news, but here’s what I know: Jerry was at a party in Brooklyn and fell down an elevator shaft. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was admitted in critical condition. Shortly after, he died in the early hours of Sunday, November 8 while an entire waiting room of friends were there for hiM. watching Jerry play drums was like eating cupcakes while getting a deep back massage. His moves were getting more and more powerful while looking more and more effortless. As the new millennium started gearing up, there was a obvious reason why Jerry started playing with all the DFA-affiliated bands (The Juan Maclean, !!!, etc.) as time went on: He was an invaluable monster on the drums that could recreate those motorik-like disco beats and make it sound human. Goddamn, the hair on the back of my neck stands on end when I think about it. Recent years saw him reaffirm his roots in Athens as he became the incredibly propulsive backbone to Maserati after they gave their original drummer the boot. And man, again, watching Jerry perform was always a treat. ALWAYS.”